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Dying Light is basically an action packed survival horror game with fps i.e first person shooter gameplay mode where you must use everything in their power to survive until the morning’s first light in a vast open world filled with danger. It’s a must play game especially for those who are quite fond of watching TV series like The Walking dead and are fascinated by zombies world. Dying light will give you everything leading from story to an amazing entertaining gameplay that will keep you thrilled whenever you play it. In the day light players need to come out and carry search operations in the free environment that is full of walkers for the supplies and weapons to fight against them. You can consider yourself as hunter in the daylight and when the night approaches you are the one who becomes deadly prone of being hunted by the aggerssive and powerful infected walkers. Overall Dying light is an amazing game and is a must play game for every gamer. Here considering the popularity of this game and the difficulties that users are encountering here I am going to provide you with Dying light save game fix. Just read below instructions for dying light save game fix.

Dying Light Save Game FIX

Lot’s of users playing Dying light on their Windows systems are found reporting some irritating save game issues after playing for a while. It has been observed that in most of the cases their save games were reset by the defaul save game leading them to start through whole new campaign and training once again where as few were facing save game issue after reaching Rias mission and starting from the earlier missions. In some cases the save game files seems corrupted which demands for a replacement. So here What I am going to do is provide you with Dying light half save game and Dying light complete save game which you can use to play on your system from the position where you would like to start. Get dying light save game fix from here.

How to fix Dying Light Save Game Issue ?

General Instruction : Classic Solution

It is better that you should try playing the game with Administrator privileges and in Windows compatibility mode for at-least once because in some scenario running the game with “Run as Admin” along with compatibility mode fixes these annoying save issues with most of the games. So just go to your Dying Light gameplay .exe file and right click on that file and open properties -> Navigate to the compatibility tab there just check mark two options “Run this program as an administrator” and “Run this program in compatibility mode for :” and there just select the Windows version that you are using.

Dying Light Save Game Location :

  • If you are using Steam for Dying Light then you will find your save game file location at C:\Program Files (x86_)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxx\239140\remote\out\save
  • If you are using a different downloaded copy of Dying Light PC Version then you will find your save game file location at C:\Program Files (x86) dying light\profile\save\out\saves

Note – It is important that you should have started your story atleast once so that your profile folder can be created by the game itself.

What to do now ?

So after locating the Dying Light Save game location what you have to do is just download the Dying light Save game files from below and replace your current save game with these downloaded files.

Dying Light Save Game Download from below :

After downloading dying light save game file and replacing the save game files just run Dying Light and Press F to go to advanced settings and from there you can easily select the mission from which you would like to proceed.

Alternative Dying Light Save Game Fix :

If you don’t want to follow the above procedure and want to fix the problem internally then you can follow that procedure also because most of these save game issues are arises while you running a downloaded copy of the game so you can fix them by applying proper post patches or fixes.

“Therefore just drop your email id and I will contact you soon providing you with the appropriate dying light save game fix”

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  1. is there any way to fix that save bug without downloading 100% save file?

    1. Nope I tried but didn’t find any working one…

  2. Thanks for the save file?

  3. Well in my case there is no profile folder . Can’t seem to find the save folder as well


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