Reasons for having creative challenge ideas for your YouTube channel

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YouTube is where fun, creativity, and hilarious ideas are manufactured. The platform is unique, having the biggest collection of best, crazy, and creative moments. It’s the most addictive dais on the internet, with millions of visits in a single day. However, what makes it more fun are new trending YouTube challenges.  The best way to kill boredom is to create and fun for you and your friends. On YouTube, you’re entitled to make funny trending YouTube challenges and share laughter with the world. It’s fun to watch but more fun when you join and make your videos go viral. You can come up with awesome YouTube video ideas and make the best challenges for your subscribers today.

Why have challenges for your YouTube channel?

Innovating a fun challenge and creating a video comes with great benefits for your channel. The popularity, exposure to new ideas, and channel growth are just part of the advantages.

  • They are fun and straightforward.

Creating a challenge, it’s easy and fun; one requires the internet and the fun you.  Always start with the simple challenges, then proceed with the complex. The best part is you have other videos to watch and get the ideas. Now you can tailor your video, either with friends and family, or have a standalone challenge.

  • Easy recording and editing

One can watch ten videos is a short time; YouTube videos are modified to take a few minutes. This means less time for recording and editing. Have short episodes to avoid boredom.

  • Channel growth

The number of views or subscriptions fuels YouTube channels.  The best way to grow your challenge channel is to have short and entertaining videos.  This increases the audience and popularity.

  • It can be done at home.

No extra cost or renting platform for the video shooting. The challenges best fit at home, where you can utilize space and materials around.

The general aspects of creating YouTube video ideas

Every video requires some professionalism and best equipment’s, before creating you need to first:

  • Introduce yourself and crew.
  • You can make a response video and an opinion video.
  • Start a Vlog for your viewers.

YouTube challenges ideas

The fantastic and journey requires one to have the best materials and equipment, to avoid disappointments. Innovate the craziest but safe challenges with your friends and watch your channels grow. There are millions of different challenges; however, check what suits your audience best.

  1. Brain freeze challenge

Be careful not to freeze the brain, but the challenge is fun. Fill the bathtub with ice. Ask your friend to sit on the cold freezing ice cubes. Yes! Have some questions, and get them to answer correctly or continue freezing. The fun part is when they make faces, enjoy but be careful not to freeze the brain.

  1. Cinnamon challenge

These the most trending challenge in the YouTube channels today. The challenge is fun and yucky as you have to watch the participant reaction. If you’re making the video, entertain the viewers by taking a spoon full of cinnamon. They can be classified a risky fun, but gives good a laugh to your funs. Though it’s better to be the viewer than demonstrating. Take care of your health issue before risking for fun.

  1. Chubby bunny challenge

Crazy is the word to describe the chubby bunny fun challenge. This best with friends and simple to do activity. Just put marshmallows/chubby bunnies in your mouth. You have to say chubby bunny, each time you need to add more and more. This continues until you can say chubby bunny anymore, leaving your face looking like the chubby bunny.

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