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Recently Digital Marketing and the world of Internet is uprising at a very fast pace and to keep in line with the audience several changes have been adopted by various search engines and websites. One of the major change that came was with the appearance of site layout and reading score by audience where WordPress developers decided to remove the underline and justify buttons in order to keep up with the audience preference and search engine optimization. Download Justify Text WordPress Plugin from below and learn how to setup the plugin.

Why Justify Text WordPress Button and Underline button was removed from WordPress 4.7?

WordPress 4.7 removed the justify text and underline button from TinyMCE Buttons and below justification was provided for the same:

Justifying is not a very good idea on websites, because justified text can be unreadable on small screens. According to typographic rules, you shouldn’t justify text without good hyphenation and under 70 characters per line in average. So be careful and do not use justified text in all case.Whereas for Underline, underlining normal text is always a bad idea because it should be reserved for links.

How to Get Back the old TinyMCE Button Editor? How to Add Text Justify Button Again in WordPress? How to Bring back text justify button in WordPress?

Well it’s super easy to get the old TinyMCE editor view, thanks to the ease of availability of plugins within WordPress. Just as WordPress came with the all new editor, WordPress directory got flooded with several code change recommendations, different plugins allowing users to get back to the old editor view, some of them offered separate inclusion of the Text justify buttons. I tried quite a few methods but I found using a third party plugin the most viable option. Also I tried a couple of plugins before I finally settled in for Re-Add Text Justify Button By Salvatore Cordiano.“Re-Add Text Justify Button” is open source software and can be used freely.
Download “Re-Add Text Justify Button” Plugin from WordPress – Click Here to Download

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