Couldn’t Save Project Code blocks FIX : 100% Working

Well if you are a programmer and love coding then you might be well aware with Code blocks application. Code blocks is just a perfect alternative for all those programmers who are tired of the very outdated borland C/C++ compiler. Code blocks is a free open source and cross platform C, C++ and Fortran IDE tool that has been designed to meet the very specific requirements of the existing and emerging programmers. Code blocks supports various popular compilers including GCC, Visual C++ etc. Code blocks is an IDE with all the features that one expects having a consistent look, feel and operation across different platforms.

Code block is built around a plugin framework that allows for easy upgradation and addition of functions, features via plugins. You can easily add any kind of functionality simply by installing/coding a plugin for example compiling and debugging functionality is provided by plugins. Thousands of programmers are already using and working upon code blocks and is indeed a great tool for every programmer.

Therefore considering its importance and significance here I am going to share one of the most common error that is faced by users while installing Code blocks on their system that is “Couldn’t save project <invalid path>(Maybe the file is write-protected?)” which in turn later on creates issues while compiling programs like generating errors something like “can’t find compiler executable in your configured search path’s for GNU GCC Compiler”. etc. So if you are the one facing Couldn’t save project code blocks here is a proper step by step guide on How to fix couldn’t save project code blocks.

Couldn't save project code blocks

Reasons for Facing Compiler issues :

When you face error couldn’t save project code block during your installation it indicates that there is some issues during the installation process which in turn results into creating compiling issues because some important compiler executable files aren’t extracted during the installation. Fix couldn’t save project code blocks here.

Note – Go to your Code blocks installation directory i.e C:/Program Files(x86)/Code Blocks and if there you find folder missing named “MinGW” then that’s the reason you are facing this error.

How to fix Couldn’t save Project Code blocks : Steps to Follow

After knowing the reason it becomes quite simple to fix the issue. What you need to do is just put the “MinGW” folder in the Code blocks installation directory. Therefore here below I am providing you with the link to download “MinGW” folder which you can put inside your Code blocks installation directory.

  • Download “MinGW” folder from here – Click to download

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  1. i found folder Mingw . already there . but compiler showing meaasge could not save project .
    i also tried by manually putting Mingw folder in codeblock directory but its not working.

  2. this fix did not work. any other solutions?


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