Windows Cannot find Gpedit.msc Error – Windows 7/8 FIXED

Group Policy Editor is a very important feature of Microsoft Windows which plays a great role if you want to make changes in your system settings and is often required if you are a tech geek who love to tweak your windows settings to make some new changes or something else but sometimes you might end up facing the error ‘Windows cannot find gpedit.msc.Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again’ therefore if you are facing this error don’t worry just follow the below instructions to resolve this error permanently.But before we move on lets understand the reason for this error.

Reason for this Error Occurrence :

This Error ‘Windows cannot find gpedit.msc.Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again’ is faced by users who are having basic,starter or home premium Installed Windows versions which doesn’t come up with support for Group policy editor.Group Policy editor feature is provided with Only Professional,Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

FIX Error : GPEDIT.MSC Snap-in creation failed / Snap-in failed to Initialize 

Windowscannot find gpedit.msc Error

‘Windows cannot find gpedit.msc’ Error – How to Fix it ?

It’s very simple to fix this error by enabling the Group Policy Editor feature Using third party Group policy editor installer that I have shared below with download link.

Installation Guide :

Just download the Group Policy Editor from the above given link and Extract it using Winrar or Winzip and after that double click on the Setup.exe file and install it normally.

Group Policy Editor Installer

For x64 Windows 7/8/8.1 Users – Follow these steps

  • If you are having 64 bit version of windows then first Install the above given Group Policy Editor.
    • Now Go to ‘SysWOW64’ Folder located at C:\Windows
  • From Here Copy these below given files :

GroupPolicy Folder

GroupPolicyUsers Folder

Gpedit.msc File

  • After Copying the above files paste them in C:\Windows\System32 folder

    • That’s all and You are all done.

FIX Error : GPEDIT.MSC Snap-in creation failed / Snap-in failed to Initialize 

Disclaimer :

Above process is verified and tested by me personally and it is safe to apply but still We are not responsible for any harm that comes to your system after following the above procedure It is intended to be used for Information purpose only and you will be the sole responsible for any damage if comes to your system.

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67 thoughts on “Windows Cannot find Gpedit.msc Error – Windows 7/8 FIXED

  1. khalid belasy says:

    this way worked pritty good 😀 thanx alot guyz my computer is windows 8.1 *64 🙂

  2. Camelia Sacui says:

    Wonderful. (wish I was still on XP) The more versions that come out, the less we have to work with, arghhh, the more work-arounds. I wonder why (control)?!

    Congrats. Your work-around for having gpedit.msc in Windows 8.1 works great.

  3. From Here Copy these below given files :

    GroupPolicy Folder

    GroupPolicyUsers Folder

    Gpedit.msc File

    where are those files? thank you!

  4. Thank you very much for this wonderful workaround!

    Thought first that I had to get a PRO version but now I don’t have to. Yay!

  5. Hi,

    I tried this solution, but it does not work. I said snap-in creation failed.


  6. Puneet Thakkar says:


    I have a dell Inspiron 3521 with windows 8

    After Copying all folders and files in System 32 Folder

    am getting an error when i open gpedit.msc file

    “MMC could not create a snap-in”

  7. I was pulling my hair out trying to find a fix for this thing. Thank you so much!

  8. Well Done! Thanks

  9. Hey, Thanks a million! I spent a few hours and was really worried about running this file. It works great.

  10. By God you’re a genius! Thanks a bunch for making this available man. I was getting frustrated trying to fix the Windows Ctrl + Alt + Del secure sign in requirement nonsense.

  11. Simple and quick steps that worked in a snap!!! Gracias!

  12. Thanks!. I was watching a video how I could speed up my internet. And the gpedit.msc thing wouldnt work. But now it does!. Thanks again!

  13. hey,thanks a lot….i was furious when this thing doesnt work…..but at last it worked…..

  14. excellent job itz working 100% thanks lot

  15. Owsam Work Keep It UP

  16. Worked like a charm in Windows 8

  17. Man thanks a ton for the workaround! I was about to upgrade my PC for that!

  18. It worked like a charm on my Windows 8. Thanks tons!!

  19. Would be lovely if files are updated to Windows 10 equivalent for Home edition too.

  20. Thank you very much, you make my day!

  21. same trick is working for Windows 10 home

  22. I have just got my Windows 8.1 upgraded to Windows 10 through Microsoft’s worldwide upgrade launch. Earlier in my Win 8.1 I was able to setup a Local Guest Account on my computer, however with the upgrade to Win 10 I seem to have lost that functionality. After researching various blogs and sources on internet, I have found that the Local Guest Account might have been disabled in Local Policy on my Computer. And to edit that I need the Local Group Policy editor which can be invoked through gpedit.msc. However it seems that my Win 10 does not contain gpedit.msc, however I was able to find one gpedit.dll.
    So will the above set-up utility work for my Win 10 OS a well? Any harm I see getting done with registry entries for my Win 10 OS? Please share your experience.

    • Well it should work…You can give it a try 🙂

    • “MMC could not create a snap-in” i got this problem and check your solution in the link you given.
      there is one correction which works for me, as i am using windows 10
      in “Method 2 – Only for those Facing after Installing GPEDIT Installer”
      do all the steps as given but in last run the Installer.exe as Administrator.
      example :
      C:\Windows\Temp\gpedit Folder Run the Installer.exe file by Right Click -> Run As Administrator
      Thanks Pankaj…. You did great job.

  23. Thank you so very much…. Worked perfectly!

  24. works like a charm!! thank you!!


  26. Thanks Bro / Worked perfect …Keep up new links..

  27. Will this work for Windows 10 Home?

  28. Anirudhha Tiwari says:

    Thanks Issue solved with my HP laptop..

    I have another issue can you help with this prblm….
    The issue is that when i use my latop for long hours it shuts down but the led and the power buttons glows .. this issue has started when i updated to windows 10.. for now i am back to my original windows after recovery ,but the prblm exsists.

  29. Thank you so muchh Brother!!!!

  30. I have an issue related to windows defender..

    I use windows 8.1.i can’t find windows defender option in group policy to turn it on

  31. it’s awesome, that’s worked in my pc. Thx bro

  32. Hello Pankaj Kumar,
    Thanks for the workaround! I use Win10-Home and have another question:
    With Group Policy Editor I want to disable Windows Defender (WD) because Windows Update gives severe problems when other AV’s (e.g. Norton) is active. Do you happen to know why this “extra added” GPEditor for Win10-Home DOES NOT have the ability to configure the settings for WD ? It’s not listed (in Computer Configuration neither in User Configuration of Windows Components) so to me it seems to be a minimized version of the (“standard”) GPEditor in Win10-Pro !

  33. Thank you! Worked in my Windows 8 64-bit laptop.

  34. Awesome fix! Spent the last 3 hours trying to find a way to open group policy in my 8.1 basic. I was about to give up because pretty much everywhere I landed basically ended up saying either it was impossible to open in non pro or enterprise editions OR required going into the registry and manually making a bunch of edits which I’m really not comfortable doing. But your fix is quick and simple, thanks! 🙂

  35. When I install the file, where does it go? Thank you.

    • I couldn’t get your point…You just need to install the Group Policy editor and then start with the post installation steps. Thanks!

  36. I can’t find Gpedit.msc File in C:\Windows

  37. Thanks you are the ONE

  38. Orestes Caminha says:

    Thanks a lot!!!. Works pretty fine in Win 8.1 64. Now i’m under controll.

  39. BARIS DEMIR says:

    First i couldn`t find those folders/files but then they were there where kumar said. Maybe a REBOOT was necessary after installation.

  40. Thank you soooooo much brother

  41. Thanks!! It worked fine for me!! (Windows 8.1 x64)
    At first it did not work, but then I saw the x64 bit workaround. After I copied the File and Folders into System32 Folder it worked right away, without any reboot!!

  42. Thank you! it works for me….i really need this one to remotely shudown our desktop…

  43. thanks dude worked 🙂

  44. Thankyou Pankaj Kumar, it worked for me. God bless you.

  45. Kedia Chhirag says:

    Brother, First of all Big Thumbs Up for the solution..installed it on my Windows 8 x64 and after resolving ‘mmc could not create the snap in’ as per Ur given solution I was able to start Group Policy Editor.. Actually I have to restrict bandwidth usages by BITS for an specific time bcoz it slowed my connection speed..I’ve BITS version 7 installed on my PC & I read that this Group Policy Editor will work with version 2. However I resolved the issue via regedit but want to know whether this version of Group Policy Editor is the adequate version for a windows 8 laptop & whether it will able to tweek settings or not..

  46. Sherwin Castro says:

    tnx… it worked on my laptop.

  47. Unfortunately still flags error MMC could not create the snap in despite following all methods & of editing notepad(username colon etc)Probably needs updating for Win 10 anniversary home edition after July 2016.

  48. It worked! thanks a million!

  49. Great work my bro……i am very happy

  50. You da man!!! Worked like a charm 😀

  51. worked for me thanks

  52. NASHAAT MENA says:

    Thanks a lot. Your article helped me to solve my issue.

  53. Thank you!! Very easy, worked on my Lenovo Win 10 Home edition PC Thanks Again!!

  54. Thank you! This solution worked like a dream. I needed gpedit.msc to fix a totally blank Control Panel and your tip helped me to remedy it. Once again, thank you x

  55. Hi Pankaj, It worked really well and many thanks for a handy stuff. However I could not find long path setting in gpedit . FYI I am using windows8.1.

    Your thoughts/feedback will be greatly appreciated.



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