How to Find Android Device Mac Address : WiFi Mac Address

Mac (Media Access Control) Address is basically a unique 12 digit address (00:00:00:00:00:0X) assigned to a specific piece of hardware for example devices connected in a network posses mac addresses so as to uniquely identify these devices across the network. Despite of having such an important place of mac address in any network it has been observed that most of the users don’t have enough information about mac address but mac address does play a vital role in any network configuration. With the help of Mac address we can easily identify any device within a network and even allows for special filtering or rules for the connected devices based on their unique mac address.

Generally mac address information is used by the users who are concerned with the security of their WiFi connection and want to ensure that no other third party or person is accessing their WiFi internet connection without their knowledge. This is where the knowledge of mac address comes handy with the help of which you can easily identify the unknown devices connected to your WiFi router and you can even add special mac address filtering in your WiFi router allowing the WiFi network access only to your personal device whether it be your computer or your android device. Therefore for using the mac address filtering it is important to know your android device wifi mac address so that you can add that mac address in your wifi router filter. So just read the below given step by step tutorial on How to find android device mac address.

Note – The below procedure is applicable for all the android devices i.e android mobiles as well as android tablets.

How to Find Android Device Mac Address : Steps to Follow

  • Go to Your Android Device Home Screen and Open your Phone Settings.

How to Find Android device mac address - 1

  • Scroll down to bottom and Tap on About Phone as shown below in the screen shot

How to Find Android device mac address - 2

  • Now Here Under About Section Just Select the Status option as shown below.

How to Find Android device mac address - 4

  • Once Again scroll down and there you will find Wi-Fi MAC address of your android device.

How to Find Android device mac address - 4

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