FIX “The process has stopped” Error

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If you are a regular follower of this blog then you might have found some articles referring to one of the most strangest and common errors encountered by  daily windows pc or Smartphone users with their best possible fixes available only on this blog therefore today, I am back once again to share my experience on the recently encountered “Unfortunately, the process has stopped unexpectedly.”  error which is really a frustrating one to face causing real pain especially when you pick your phone and launch Google playstore service to download or install new apps and ultimately leading to force termination of Google playstore service before you get a chance to download the app to your android device. This error can be faced randomly but most frequently while accessing Google Apps like Browser, Gmail, Google Play etc.

Therefore if you are the one facing similar issue then don’t worry here is a very simple work around to fix this error once and for all regardless of what android device you own, so just follow the below given solutions to fix “Unfortunately The process has stopped unexpectedly” Though you will found various different solutions to fix this error but here we have shortlisted some of the most effective solutions that really works by eliminating the root cause of the “ The process has stopped ” error.

The process has stopped Error

Possible Reasons for such error :

    • Because your android device fails to connect with Google servers.
    • Your Google account is not being able to sync back again.

“The process has stopped” error – Best Solutions

Solution 1 – Clear your Google Framework Services Cache

In majority users this problem is easily resolved by clearing your Google Framework services cache therefore to clear your cache please proceed with the given steps.

  • Go to Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Framework Services

Google Services Framework

  • Here Click on Force stop then Clear data and clear cache.

Clear Cache and Data

Note – It is advisable to repeat the same steps for other Google Services also like Google Playstore,Gmail etc if the error is faced by while accessing these apps.

  • Reboot your device for better results.
  • That’s all and you are done.

Solution 2 – Uninstall Recent Playstore Updates

If you regularly update your Goole services or apps there is a great chance that a recent update went wrong leading to the error so if you think  you are facing the problem more frequently after updating the Google Service i.e Playstore, Gmail etc then you need to uninstall those recent updates from your device so as to fix the error.

  • Go to Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Playstore -> Uninstall Updates

Uninstall Google Playstore Updates

Note – Repeat the same steps for other Google Services also like Gmail, browser etc if the error is faced by while accessing these apps

Solution 3 – Verify your Google Account credentials

If you have recently changed your Google Account password or settings then you need to re-enter all your Google Account details to sync your device once again with Google so as to enable the Google Services.So please make sure that all your credentials are upto mark and correct.

Solution 4 – Factory Reset Your Android Smartphone

Last but not the least If after following all the above fixes your problem is not resolved then try hard resetting your smartphone which will restore your Android Device to its old factory settings.

Warning – Factory Data Reset will erase all your Internal Storage, Personal Settings or Downloaded applications so make sure to take a Backup of your data before following the below procedure.

  • Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Factory Data Reset

Factory data reset

  • Reboot Your Device and fill in the correct details of your Google Account.

Note – Don’t forget to add the Google Account details this time else you have to Hard reset it again.

  • That’s all and you are all done.
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