How to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7/Vista

Restricting User Account Space becomes necessary when you and your family members or friends share a Common Computer/PC and you want to save Hard disk space by preventing them from filling the Hard disk space with the downloads without your Permission.You can do this with Individual User accounts by allocating some space to every Member to save their data and download files.You can even allocate or provide a limited amount of Hard disk space to each Individual account by using Windows Manage Memory Allocations feature.A disk Quota Basically limits the storage space thus limiting the amount of information that can be stored on the Computer Hard disk or Server.You Can define your own Personal Quota Settings according to your needs . So Here is Step by Step Instructions to allocate or Restrict or Limit Space to each User account Using the Disk Quota Facility Available in Hard disk Storage Space Management Feature.

How to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7/Vista

  • First of all Go to My Computer and then Right click on the Hard disk for which you want to setup or manage memory allocations and Select Properties as shown belowHow to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7 1
  • Now Under the Properties Window Select Quota Tab and then Select “Show Quota Settings” as shown below ( You must Require Administrator Rights to do this )How to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7 2
  • Next Put a Check Mark in front of the “Enable Quota Management” option in order to restrict Storage for The User accounts and also Check mark “Deny Disk space to users exceeding quota limit” option as shown belowHow to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7 3
  • Now to allocate Memory space or location to User accounts Perform a click on ‘Quota Entries’ and Windows will show you a list of all the User accounts with all their settings for their storage limits and the location currently used by themHow to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7 4
  • If in Case any account is Missing from the List you can add it Manually by creating a new entry for that user with ‘Quota|’New quota Entry’
  • Now to change the Values of memory allocation for respective users perform Double click on that User account and after that in the dialogue box you can allocate as much amount of memory space as you want for that user as well as warning threshold levelHow to Restrict User Account Space in Windows 7 5
  • After Allocating Memory Click on ‘OK‘ and you are all done.You have Successfully allocated memory space for each individual User accounts

Note – If the User reaches the Warning level of the limited storage space then Windows will show you notification on the task bar Learn More About Disk Space Limits and Warning Levels From Here

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