Asus Zenfone PC Suite USB Drivers Download for Windows

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Well Asus is a reputed multinational computer hardware and electronics company and has a strong presence all over the world since its inception in 1989. Asus has its headquarters located at Taipei, Taiwan. Asus first started its business with marketing their own small scale hardware parts like motherboard, computer networking devices and other computer related hardware parts. After few years Asus business started growing successfully owing to its high quality products and high customer satisfaction rate as a result of which Asus became the 5th largest PC vendor of 2014 as per the data resources. Asus is listed on both Taiwan Stock exchange and London stock exchange.

Asus Zenfone PC Suite download

As of now Asus presence has grown so much that Asus has started marketing their own laptops, netbooks and mobile devices. Asus Zenfone mobile series is their most popular and flagship smartphone series which has seen an amazing response from people across the world especially from Asia side. Currently Asus has launched several android smartphones and is very influential in big mobile markets like India, China and other asian countries. Asus popular smartphones includes asus zenfone mobile series comprising of Asus mobile zenfone 5, Asus mobile zenfone 6 and Asus zenfone 2 (going to be released in may 2015).Therefore considering the popularity of Asus smartphones and high customer database here I am going to provide Asus Zenfone PC Suite and Asus Zenfone USB Drivers for Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Download Asus Zenfone PC Suite USB Drivers for Windows : Steps to Follow

Asus provides Asus PC Link software as their official PC Suite for all Asus mobiles. Asus PC link software offers seamless connectivity between your Windows PC and your Asus zenfone smartphone.

With the help of Asus Zenfone PC Suite sync all your phone data i.e phone contacts, SMS, emails and much more with ease. You can even use your Asus zenfone as modem and get connected to internet. Therefore here below is the link for downloading Asus Zenfone PC Suite.

How to Install Asus Zenfone PC Suite : Installation Guide

If you are a newbie and having trouble installing or accessing Asus PC link just follow the below given manual and step by step instructions.

  • Check here How to Install Asus Zenfone PC Suite

Note : Important

You can also get official drivers and tools for your specific asus zenfone like firmwares, kernel updates etc from Asus official support website.

Supported Asus Zenfone Mobiles :

Asus Zenfone 5 PC Suite (A500CG, A500KL, A501CG, A502CG)

Asus Zenfone 6 PC Suite (A600CG, A601CG)

Asus Zenfone 4 PC Suite (A400CG, A450CG, A400CXG)

Asus Zenfone 2 PC Suite (ZE500CL, ZE500ML, ZE551ML)

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