MTNL Broadband Postpaid to Prepaid ( For Delhi Only)

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MTNL is Currently offering both Postpaid and Prepaid Broadband Plans at a very good Price.But Have You Ever thought of Converting Your MTNL Broadband Postpaid to Prepaid ? – If Not , then here in this post i am going to tell you the benefits and demerits of Prepaid Broadband Plans .How to Change Your MTNL WiFi ModemPassword If you are a Daily Internet User and Using the 512Kbps Unlimited Postpaid Broadband Plan then you must be Paying an amount of approx Rs760(If you are having a Wi-fi modem) or Rs 730 (If you are having a normal modem). But MTNL is Offering the same 512Kbps Unlimited Download Plan for just Rs 458 in Prepaid Plans which can save you around Rs 300 Per month which is a large difference and is the best plan for you.Look at the Postpaid Broadband Plans and Prepaid Broadband Plans Price Difference in the below images Top 10 Best Android Phones Under 10000

MTNL Broadband Plans

Postpaid Plan 512Kbps Unlimited Total Cost 599(Monthly Rent)+ 75(WIFI Modem)+ 12.36%=Rs 758

mtnl broadband postpaid to prepaid

                                       MTNL Prepaid 192Kbps Unlimited Download Total Cost Only Rs 280

mtnl broadband postpaid to prepaid

           MTNL Prepaid 512Kbps Unlimited Download Total Cost Only Rs 458 Only (Recommended)

mtnl broadband postpaid to prepaid

Benefits of Prepaid Broadband Over Postpaid

    • Very Cheap Save Rs 300 Per month with no additional Charges like Service tax , Modem Charges etc

Demerits of Prepaid Broadband

  • No outgoing Land Line Facility only Incoming

Prepaid Broadband Plans

  • Power Connect 275 – Download Speed 192Kbps – Unlimited
  • PPL UL Data 449 Combo – Download Speed 512 Kbps – Unlimited  (RECOMMENDED)

* There are lots of Limited Prepaid Broadband Plans You can Check them by Visiting MTNL Official Website or By contacting Your Distributor

How to Convert MTNL Broadband Postpaid to Prepaid ?

Converting Postpaid to Prepaid Broadband is very Simple .You just need to Visit your Nearest MTNL Sachaar Haat Office and Submit a Application Requesting the Conversion of Postpaid to Prepaid Broadband with a Photocopy of Your Previous Bill or your ID Proof with Passport Size Photographs and your Account will be Converted to Prepaid within 3-4 Working days How to Download Play Store Apps on PC

Where to Buy Prepaid Broadband Coupons ?

You Can buy The Prepaid Broadband Coupons from The MTNL Sanchaar Haat Office or Buy them online at

How to Recharge After Purchasing Prepaid Coupons?

It is very Simple to Recharge Your account.You can manually Recharge your account by visiting and logging into your account and then Entering The Serial ID and PIN of your Prepaid Coupon.Else you can Call 1500 From your Land line and Tell your Coupon Details to them and they will Recharge your Account Instantly or You can Also Recharge your account by Visiting MTNL Sanchaar Haat Office How to boost and Increase your internet speed

Is there Any Additional Charges for Conversion of Postpaid to Prepaid ?

Currently there is NO Additional Charges for Converting your Current Postpaid to Prepaid Broadband . For More Information Please read all the terms and Conditions from Here Read Terms and Conditions and Check all the Registration Charges

DisclaimerWe are Not Responsible for any Problem that comes to You after Reading our Post. This Post in intended for INFORMATION PURPOSE ONLY. How to Increase Mozilla Firefox Browsing Speed ?

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  1. Hey Pankaj..

    Thanks for the detailed information … I was looking for this.

    Just one check , I am low bandwidth user however some time had to go on video chat with my friends.

    Will connect plan RS. 275 serve the purpose?


    1. Power Connect 275 Plan offers Only 192Kbps which is Good for Browsing Purposes but as you have Mentioned you want to video chat with your friends So in this Case You will be able to video chat at Low Video quality but if you want to use Higher Quality Video Streaming Then it would be better to Choose Rs458 Plan Which offers 512Kbps….Also Since it is Prepaid You can Try Rs 275 Plan for One Month and if you are Not Satisfied with Video Streaming then Change it to Rs458 (512 Kbps)…If you have Any Further Queries feel free to ask…..

      1. Hey bro,

        Currently im using a plan 599 postpaid. How much i need to pay to convert it into prepaid plan of Rs 275. I have modem and telephone. how many day will I get to recharge if i do not recharge my prepaid account without getting late fee….


        1. Conversion Process is Free…..You need to Recharge Your Account before Grace Expiry Period which is About 1 Months after the Expiry of Your Current Plan…

  2. Pankaj
    How much i have to pay if i wants a wifi modem for prepaid connection of rs 458.

    1. There is no Option for Conversion of Modem during the Prepaid Broadband Plan…Therefore if you want a Wi-fi Modem then Change it During Your Postpaid Plan it will cost you about Rs500 and then after Convert the Plan to Prepaid Broadband…

  3. dear pankaj

    We are having Rs 599 postpaid plan & bill comes to Rs 765 with landline.we rarely exhaust our free calls.
    which plan is useful with landline shall we go for 458 prepaid plan our internet use is only basic.
    Wait for your experienced guidance.


    1. Yeah,Change Your Broadband Connection to Prepaid if you don’t use Calls from the Landline as you are paying about Rs300 more just only for the Calls Therefore if You need 512Kbps Unlimited Net Plan then Rs458 Prepaid Plan is the Best option….

  4. Are connection better in wifi prepaid plan. Cos am using normal modem n connection arent working good. Have got like10hrs in total everyday. Any idea
    mtnl delhi

    1. I am also using Wi-fi Prepaid Plan and there is no connection problem at all….You will have the same connection as in your Previous Postpaid Plan so there’s nothing to worry about Connection although connection depends on your location also….

  5. Pankaj, what is your maximum download/upload speed in torrent and other internet downloader on 458 prepaid plan

    1. Maximum Download/Upload Speed on Torrent – Around 65Kb/s and on Internet Download Manager it is about 70Kb/s

      1. Same as mine.thank you

  6. Hi Pankaj
    I have also been thinking about the same but was not sure about the process.
    I have a postpaid connection for Rs 599 triband -combo offer using MTNL’s Wifi Router/Modem ( Dlink )
    I also wanted to return their modem since I have been paying monthly rent for years now and still do not own it.

    Few queries
    1. Can I return MTNL’s wifi modem? Will they charge extra if it is in bad physical stage ( antenna broken)
    2. Which is the best wifi-modem that I can buy for MTNL Delhi ?
    3. Can I apply for conversion and once they come, will they use my wifi modem?



    1. Hii David…Yeah You Can Return your Wi-fi Modem at anytime If it is in Working Condition I don’t think they will Charge you But Since After Converting the Plan to Prepaid there will be no Rent For Your Modem so I don’t think there is any need of returning it since you will have to Pay For the Prepaid Coupoun Only which includes all the Charges….You can Opt For Netgear Wi-Fi Modems they are proved as best for MTNL Networks Make Sure to Buy Modem that Supports MTNL Connectivity i.e Router with Modem…..You can Apply For Conversion Anytime it is Free of Cost…For More Info on this Issue you can Contact me through Mail…

      1. Thanks Pankaj
        But I think I need to return their modem or else they will keep charging me.

        Moreover, can you please tell the exact model and price for netgear modem/router

        I think I will first return their modem and buy mine and then apply for conversion.

  7. I have converted to prepaid wifi.
    But still phone is working without any card recharge.
    when i have to recharge?
    Is incoming free for lifetime or just a month.

    After recharging…. Would i get any grace period if my 1month expired for incoming calls? because its not possible to recharge exactly after 30days

    1. Incoming is free for lifetime….Yeah You will Get a Grace Expiry Period of 1 Month Extra from the Date Your Recharge Expires…

  8. Incoming is free for lifetime…
    And i will get grace period of 1month.

    I feel both are contradictory statement.

    second line means… Its 458 for 2months incoming and 1month internet. (if am money saver) 😛

    Is am right now?

    Or its 458 for internet 1 month and lifetime incoming (if i m doing it just to keep the number) 😉

  9. Pankaj yaar, I can still do outgoing calls without recharging 458.
    What price mtnl would be charging me?
    Or its not converted yet?

    How would i come to know.. Its converted or not?

    It would be a great help if u would answer my previous comment too.

  10. · Edit

    I want to take new connection of prepaid MTNL. I have a few question.

    1. what is the total cost?
    2.Can I use new prepaid connection with wifi modem.
    3.Can I use it anywhere in Delhi circle.
    4.Is it good for watch you tube and live cricket with 512kbps?

    1. For a New Prepaid Connection Cost will be Around Rs1600….You Should Ask Your Nearest MTNL Office About Prepaid Connection in Your Area….Yeah it is Good For Watching YouTube videos but only at 240p if you switch to 360p it takes time for Buffering…so as in Live Cricket….

  11. if i would recharge with 102.. along with 498!
    Can i be able to do outgoing calls too?

  12. can i change pre paid normal modem to wi-fi modem and what is the charge.

    1. I don’t think you can change it in prepaid Plan for more details it is better to contact nearest MTNL Sanchar haat…

  13. Can you tell me what is CA number for prepaid broadband users ?

    1. If you have switched from postpaid to prepaid then your CA number will remain the same or if you have applied for a new prepaid then you will find it on your payment slip OR You can always ask your CA Number by dialing 1500 and telling your landline number….Hope you find this information helpful…

  14. Bro, i am thinking of getting this prepaid connection as well..

    I din’t have any landline as of now but i have my own Wifi router D link 2750u, do i need a modem with this or should i ask them to bring Landline only ?

    1. If you have a compatible modem then you can just apply for the landline only

  15. Sir is 280 rs plan is good for watching YouTube videos please tell ?

    1. No!! Its not good enough to stream videos at YouTube…You have to switch the quality to 144p to get smooth streaming which is not a good option…

  16. They are saying that 512 kbps giving speed is of rs 597

  17. hey pankaj what is the actual download speed of rs. 597 plan on postpaid wifi

    1. You will get a download speed of average about 60kbps

  18. I have a postpaid connection for Rs 599 triband -combo offer using normal MTNL’s Modem. I want the Wi Fi facility for my home. What is the charges to get this facility? Is Netgear wi fi modem provided by MTNL itself as it is the best suited for Mtnl network as you suggest. Shall I use the outgoing call by paying any amount or by any other method?

    1. I would suggest you to better buy your own WiFi router rather than opting for MTNL Modem….You can go for Netgear or D-Link WiFi modem…

  19. Hey can you give the proper link to get the same coupon online…. getting hard to search on the above mentioned site….If you can tell by screen shot … will be equally well..

    1. Hi Sumi…Coupons are available only at MTNL Sanchar Haat Offices…As of now I don’t think they are available online for purchase…Thanks!


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