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In today’s world, everyone wants to have a job that can satisfy one’s need. No one is born with the silver spoon, one need to have the skills to have one. Students and professionals need a job that pays well and has scope in future and has the fast-growing path. The growth of market on the internet increases the demand of IT professionals, companies need professionals and fresher with latest IT skills. Here are some Top IT trending jobs in India that are in demand right now. Check below the top trending it jobs in india 2018.

  1. Data Scientist

In the era of huge data and lot of information, every company wants to have knowledge and education of data such that it can be of its use. The demand for the data scientist is increasing exponentially. The data scientist needs to research on the data or information and develop statistical learning models accordingly that can help companies to know about data and information which needs to process for improvement of the product or for other purposes. This is similar to data mining where data scientist extracts knowledge from information in various forms. There are various areas of data science and analysis like product analysis, data engineering/Data pipeline, experimentation, data modeling. Data scientist works closely with the engineering and product management team to develop consumer products. There are skills a data scientist must have are maths, technology, and substantive expertise, these skills make the perfect data scientist that can extract valuable information from the data for business. At present, the average pay for a data scientist, IT is $90,958. This makes this job a top trending IT job at present.

Top Trending IT Jobs in India - Data Scientist

  1. Data analyst

Data analyst need to process the data and inspect it or transform it in such a way that a useful information or conclusions can be given or help in decision making. There are various techniques of data analysis, data mining is one of them. The role is data analyst is trending because nowadays companies want to know about the trends and to know about their products, and all these can be achieved by collecting information from data. The data or information is so huge that it is not possible to handle by a normal individual and extracts a useful information, this is where data analyst comes in place.The data analyst is not as advanced as data scientist but they also perform the same type of goal like extracting information from data and to discover how can it be beneficial for the company. The data analyst is also responsible for removing the irrelevant information such that the load can be minimized, they have to identify patterns and correlations in complicated data sets. They can work on projects that are already being developed using existing tools and data but they are not free to make their own big projects as a data scientist. They need to provide data reports and the perfect or easy/clear visualization of the information such that it can be understood by management and can be worked upon. Data Analyst design, create and maintain relational database and data systems. They handle all problems related to data and database code. This job is booming in the industry and attracts many engineers towards it. The average salary for a Data Analyst is $57,675/year.

p Trending IT Jobs in India - Data Analyst Job

  1. Software engineers

Software engineers do many things that a specific domain developer or engineer does not do. They involved in the development as well as in the designing of a software. This software is developed for operating system or compilers. This needs to have a strong knowledge of programming and data structure and must have an ability to analyze and solve problems. Software engineer analyzes users need and what a client wants and construct accordingly.  Programmers and software engineers work together while building a new product, even though software engineer may not code the product but they need to have good programming and data structure knowledge that is necessary to build the product. As today there are regularly new inventions and products are launched there are always need of a software developer who can build a product, and as the products are constantly developed there is huge competition and to have your product stand out in this competitive business one need to have solid software engineers. This makes the requirement of software engineer always high in IT sector, every company needs to develop a product and thus requires a software engineer, making it a highly valuable job. An average salary of software engineer $69,083.

p Trending IT Jobs in India - Software Engineer

  1. Product managers

The product manager is the manager of the product that is developed by a company, a product manager manages by considering a certain factor that helps in determining whether the product fits well with the company’s business model. From strategy to feature definition and sales of the product all are take care by the Project manager. A project manager is involved in forecasting profit loss and trends of the product. They need to make decisions and analyze product according to market such that it fulfils all the checkpoints that one product need to have in this competitive business. Their role switches from strategist to tactical and needs to deliver valuable decisions that can benefit both products and the company. They provide many functions like engineering, support and marketing and sales.  The project manager performs an activity related to schedule and resource management. In the world of startups, every company requires a specialist product designer and who can manage the product throughout the journey. The average salary for a product manager is $65,000.

  1. Digital marketers

Digital marketing is growing at a much faster rate than any other job. Digital marketing is now not only limited to just about SEO and PPC but with the advancement of tools and format of advertising it is changing and evolving.  As more and more people are joining internet daily, there is a huge audience that companies need to attract to their product. Thus, one needs a digital marketer who can stand-out the companies to this huge audience. The average salary for digital marketers is $40,000.

Top Trending IT Jobs in India - Digital Marketer

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