Hitman 2016 PC Crashes, Low FPS, Save Game Errors Fix

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The latest Hitman game that has been released recently is the sixth installment to the already existing Hitman video game series. The game is developed by IO Interactive and is available in all major platforms i.e. Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It is basically a third person stealth video game. It is a very popular game especially among Windows PC users and therefore considering the popularity of Hitman 2016 PC game we here are going to cover some of the most common Hitman 2016 PC crashes and performance issues. Check here how to Fix Hitman 2016 PC Crashes, Hitman 2016 low FPS fix, Hitman 2016 PC Save game fix.

Just after Hitman 2016 has been released for Windows platform lots of speculations have been raised concerning its performance and crashing issues. Some of the common Hitman 2016 windows crashes are mentioned below.

Hitman 2016 crashes on startup screen, Hitman 2016 crashes on First Mission, Hitman 2016 crashes after changing settings.

Hitman 2016 PC Crashes Fix

How to Fix Hitman 2016 PC Crashes / Hitman 2016 PC Freeze ?

Well if you are facing crash or freeze issues while playing Hitman 2016 on your Windows PC as mentioned above then you can try out the below mentioned points.

    • First of all Make sure that your System Meets the minimum hardware or software specifications demanded by the game. You can check the requirements here – Click here to Check Hitman 2016 Minimum PC requirements.
  • After ensuring your hardware or software specifications then you need to check for your Graphics driver version and DirectX version. Try to update them with the latest available version so as to avoid these performance crash issues.
  • You can check your installed drivers and Keep your drivers updated with some of the free available driver update tools.

How to Fix Low FPS Hitman 2016 PC / Lag in Hitman 2016 PC ?

If you are experiencing very poor frame rates, lag while playing, low fps or performance issues then you can try with the below mentioned fixes.

  • Try with enabling / disabling Vysnc options within Game and lower your In game settings especially the Graphics settings.
  • Use Directx11 instead of Directx 12 version and try switching between exclusive fullscreen” and “windowed borderless”

How to Fix Purchase cannot be Revalidated Successfully-Steam Error ?

If you face this error make sure that you have entered correct Payment details and while installing the game in multiple computers has also resulted in the same error.

*As of now not much hitman 2016 save game issues have been reported but if you found any save game bugs then please let us know we will then try to provide you with latest Hitman 2016 100% save game file.


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