Best Credit Cards in India 2016 | Best Credit Card Offer Providers

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Credit Cards once used to be the rich people’s thing, however by the time the trend has changed and now credit cards have become normal among the Indians. Though, it may not be as popular as the debit card, due to the limitations and requirements, but banks have seen a boom in Credit card applications in the past years. To provide you the best credit card we have analyzed some of the leading banks credit card offers and have made this list of a best credit card in India 2016. If you happen to be in India and are looking for a new credit card, then this would help you in deciding the best credit card for you.

Best Credit Cards in India 2016 : Top Credit Card Offer Providers in India

1. HDFC Bank Credit Card   – HDFC Bank is the leading credit provider in the country if we go by the market share. The Bank holds about 28% of the country’s Credit Card market share, hence it would be safe to assume that the company is one of the best credit card provider in India. HDFC bank offers different types of credit card for different kind of needs.HDFC bank credit card

  • HDFC Bank Titanium Times Card – Offers 25% discount on Movies and up to 15% discount in selected outlets. Gift vouchers for shopping, apparel, dining and more. 4 reward points for every 150 spending on weekdays dining and 2 reward points on every Rs 150 spent all other days.
  • HDFC Bank Platinum Edge – 50% discount and 3 points per 150 Rs spend on grocery and dining. Shoppers stop vouchers of Rs 1000 on Rs 75000 spending. Fuel Surcharges 2.5% across any petrol pump in India.
  • HDFC Bank Platinum Times Card – 25% discount on Movies and 20% discount on Dining. Welcome gift vouchers, 10 reward points on very Rs 150 spending weekly dining and 3 reward points on 150 spending on all others.

Other HDFC credit cards are HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card, HDFC Bank All Miles Credit Card, HDFC Bank Diners Premium, HDFC Bank Teacher’s Platinum Credit Card and more.

2. SBI Bank Credit Cards The second most popular Credit Card provider in India is SBI. It has about 17% market share and issues different kinds of credit cards.  Being a government entity, SBI has been one of the best credit card providers in India.SBI Bank Credit card

  • SBI Simply Save Card – Newly launched scheme requires you to pay a one time fee of Rs 499. You get 2000 cash points worth Rs 500, on a purchase of 200 in First 60 days. 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver, free add-on credit card, 4 reward points, etc.
  • SBI Platinum Card – Welcome gifts with superstore gift voucher worth Rs 3000, Bonus spend reward on achieving annual spend of Rs 4 Lakhs and Rs 5 Lakhs.
  • SBI Signature Card – Welcome, gifts with superstore gift voucher worth Rs 50000, free movie tickets and complimentary membership to priority pass program.

3. ICICI Bank Credit Cards ICICI has become a part of Indian banks with its popular customer service and Credit card offers. The bank has third largest Credit card share of 15 % and offers different kind of Credit card meet your need.ICICI credit card

  • ICICI Bank HPCL coral Credit Card – Doesn’t have any joining free with conditions, and you will be charged an annual fee of Rs 199 which can be waived off if spends cross Rs 50000 in the previous year.
  • ICICI Bank Rubyx Credit Card – Joining fee of Rs 3000 + service tax, an annual fee of Rs 2000 and can be waived off if met the conditions. Minimum 15% discount on dining bill at 800 ties up restaurant and more.

4. Citibank Credit Cards Citibank is yet another private bank claiming to offer premium service to the customers. The bank has a market share of 13% and comes at the fourth place. The company regularly partners with online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart to offers discounts on purchases made through the Citi Bank credit cards.Citibank credit card

5. Axis  Bank Credit Card Axis Bank is yet another private bank in the country and has been issuing credit cards for a long time now. You can include Axis Bank in best credit card providers in India. It has 7% of market share of Indian credit card holders and often partners with the online retailer to give discounts on purchases made on its credit cards.Axis Bank credit card

So there are some of the best credit card providers in India. You can visit any one of these best credit cards in 2016 providing banks and know more about their offers and conditions. Do let us know your views in the comments below.

Note: Credit cards come with their own terms and conditions. Make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of credit cards before applying for one.

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