Top 5 Best Antivirus for Windows 8 2013 Download Free

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To stay protected online and offline you need a antivirus which can detect and any kind of threat like viruses, Trojans, malwares etc. To protect your PC or laptop from viruses you should use a good antivirus program. Windows 8 comes with a default security program called Windows Defender. Windows Defender can scan your PC for viruses and able to remove it if you are not satisfied with Windows defender then you can go for other Antivirus programs. But before installing any other Antivirus you have to disable Windows Defender in Windows 8 manually. Having an Antivirus program in your PC or Laptop doesn’t make your computer secure but having a good antivirus program which can detect threats makes your PC or Laptop secure. So, Here I am sharing you the list of best antivirus for Windows 8 in 2013.

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8 : Top Five Highly Rated

Here is the list of 5 best antivirus for Windows 8. Install anyone of them to secure your PC or Laptop.

1 – Avira Antivirus 2013

Avira antivirus for Windows 8

Avira is one of the best antivirus program of 2013 because of its excellent detection rate and it does not slow down your PC. Avira automatically detect any threat present on your PC. The well organized interface of Avira makes it simple and good Antivirus tool.The configuration screen presents all available options in a logical and uncluttered way, also allowing you to switch to the expert mode.

2 – AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus Windows 8

AVG 2014 is compatible with all version of Windows 8. AVG is a free protection against viruses. AVG Anti-Virus features a nicely designed, more user-friendly interface, which mimics the Windows Modern UI, and supports touch in Windows 8.

3 – Avast Internet Security

avast download for Windows 8

Avast is a free Internet security which includes all the features you need to be secure like Sandbox, Safezone(Virtual Browser window prevents theft of banking data), Anti spam and Firewall.

4 – Panda Internet Security 2014

Panda internet security Windows 8

It protect your PC against hackers, Viruses and other kind of threats, online frauds etc. You can also use Internet for everything like shopping and banking online securely.

5 – Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Bitdefender for Windows 8

Bitdefender is extremely fast and non-intrusive PC protection antivirus.This antivirus software is full of excellent features. It automatically uses a secure browser whenever you do online banking or shopping. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is effective at successfully blocking, removing, neutralizing and preventing malware infections.

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These are the 5 free best Antivirus for Windows 8. Which Antivirus program you are using for Windows 8. Share your views with us by commenting below and Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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