How to Find WiFi Password Saved on your PC Easily

We often Use WiFi Wireless Connectivity to get access to Internet from our WiFi equipped devices i.e Laptops or Tablets for which we first need to establish a successful Internet Connection between our system and WiFi Wireless router by providing proper authentication.It has been found that most of the users often forgot the password which they used to connect to their WiFi Router for the first time therefore if they try to get access to the Same WiFi from device other than the already connected they fails to do because they can’t remember the WiFi password and it is difficult for the users to create a new WiFi password by chaging the Wireless router settings or there are often situations when we visit malls, offices and see WiFi Internet connectivity there and it is quite easy to get access to WiFi there once if you know how to find WiFi password saved on your pc, therefore here I am going to tell you the whole procedure by which you can easily retrieve Saved WiFi passwords from your Windows System.

How to find WiFi Password Saved on your PC – Steps to Follow

    • Go to your System Control Panel -> Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • Here Under Connections Select WiFi Internet Connection and there Select Wireless Properties.

How to find WiFi Password Saved on your PC - Step 1

  • Navigate to the Security Tab and Check mark the box Show Characters.

How to find WiFi Password Saved on your PC - Step 2

  • That’s it and now you will be able to see your stored WiFi password.

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