How to Protect Your Work Data

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How to Protect Your Work Data ? is a big Concern for all the Business Workers because Data Security and its integrity is the most important part for running any type of Business. If your business is having good and frequent interaction with Web Services then their are very high chances of being vulnerable to various threats from Internet and get Infected. The threat can be small or big but its effects will be very harmful for your business like you can lose your Reputation , lose Competition and can even lead to unrecoverable damage. So it is must for every Businessman whether holding small or Large Business to ensure full security for their data and Protect them from future Incoming Threats. So here is a list of Some steps that you can Follow to Protect or Safeguard your Work Data.

How to Protect Your Work Data : Steps to Follow

Secure Network Connections

Network security is the most important factor for providing protection to your Work Data.If you are accessing your Office Server from outside the office then Network Security is must for you.To ensure full network Security Use VPN (Virtual Private Networks). Windows 7 has been provided with built-in VPN to connect two Computers safely and Securely.To open VPN settings just type “VPN” in the Start Menu of Windows 7 and it will show you an option to Set Up your own Virtual Private Network on Windows 7.You can also Use Hamachi(Visit Hamachi) which is a free Software to Connect to other ComputersHow to Protect your work data

Data Encryption

You Must follow Data Encryption Policy for your Projects.Every Computer containing Business data should be full encrypted at both the Hardware and Software levels to Ensure Full Data security even if the Computer or Laptop is Stolen/Lost the data should remain encrypted so that it could not be easily recovered.You can Encrypt Your data using TrueCrypt (Download True Crypt For Windows) a free software or Use Windows Bit Locker Drive EncryptionHow to Protect your work data

Cloud Storage i.e Online Data Backup

Cloud storage is becoming the latest Storage fashion providing you to cloudly store your Important data on Internet without having the fear of losing the data even if your PC/Computer dies.Online backup Storage proves to be cheaper alternative option.Dropbox(Visit Dropbox) is one of the most famous Cloud Storage Platform online and it never deletes your data offering you free 2GB Valuable space to back up your crucial data and sync your data through PC or Mobile.But it would be better to use dedicated services that offers you all the features and support like SpiderOak(Vist SpiderOak) and SOS Online Backup(Visit SOS Online Backup) allowing you to sync your data through PC and Network DrivesHow to Protect your work data

Offline Data Backup – Fast Synching

You also must keep offline data backups Regularly in case of disasters so there should be minimum effect on your Business and you can quickly restore your data as compared to online Backups.You can store your data on external Storage Media Drives or Central Server.Windows Home server offers best backup services for Windows Machines having all the necessary features.You can also Try Acronics True Image Home(Visit Acronics True Image)How to Protect your work data

Mobile Security

Carrying your Business data on your Smartphones and Tablets while traveling is becoming a new Fashion in Major Industry Employees and it can prove to be disastrous for you unless you Provide full security for your Mobile devices.You must ensure full Security for your Smartphone or Tablets .You can try LookOut Mobile Security Service(Visit Look Mobile Security) for your Smartphones that keeps your device fully secured from incoming threats and providing you full protection agains malicious harmful apps.It lets you remotely manage your data from phone through Internet.How to Protect your work data


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