Unity Error Building Player WIN32exception zipalign FIXED

Unity Platform is one of the fastest growing software or gaming development platform whose demand has been continuously increasing and is expected to grow at a much higher rate in future considering the boom in Gaming Industry. With Unity3D You can easily create amazing high quality 2D or 3D games if you are good at coding or designing. Majority of the games that are released currently especially those which are designed for mobile platforms are build upon Unity platform. Unity is just the perfect gaming development for beginners as well as for pro coders. Unity also offers to Acquire High Quality Users with Video Ads via Unity ads. As of now various Unity versions have been released, Unity 5 being the latest one. Therefore considering the popularity of Unity among large number of developers here today I am going to cover one of the most common and recurring Unity3D error that is “Unity Error Building Player WIN32exception zipalign” while trying to build android games. So Here below I have found a perfect solution for how to fix Unity Error Building Player WIN32exception zipalign.

Important Tips before Proceeding :

  • Always make sure that you are using the Latest version of Unity on your System.
  • Update your Android SDK Build-tools In the Android SDK Manager to the latest Version

How to Fix Error Building Player WIN32exception Android Unity3d – Steps to Follow

In order to fix Unity Error Building Player WIN32exception zipalign you need to go through a series of fixes until your issue gets resolved. So just follow the below given simple steps on how to fix Unity Error Building Player WIN32exception zipalign.

  • Go to the Android SDK Manager directory -> From there Go to build-tools directory and select a version for e.g. build-tools\19.1.0
  • From Here Just Copy the zipalign.exe file and then get out of the build-tools directory and move to the tools directory -> Just paste the zipalign.exe file there.

Note : If there is no zipalign.exe file at the respected folder then just go to tools -> Run android -> Then Install build-tools.

  • That’s it now try building your android games and hopefully this time you won’t face the same frustrating error again.

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