Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid Windows 10 Fix

Few days back I received a mail from one of my readers asking about an issue with Bluestacks Not working on Windows 10 as it was continuously throwing “Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid” and this was the first time user encountered this error and that too after upgrading Windows to Windows 10. The actual issue descriptions says when user was trying to login to Bluestacks it was not opening and showing “Error:parameter is not valid”. On doing research over Internet I found that lot of users were facing the same Bluestacks error after they upgraded to latest version of Microsoft Windows 10. But no worries if you are also among those users then just try the below mentioned simple fix in order to resolve Bluestacks Parameter is Not Valid Error / Parametername: minimum size.

How to Fix Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid in Windows 10 – Steps to Follow

Since this looks more sort of a program compatibility issue therefore fresh installation with Compatibility mode resolves the issue in most of the cases. But before we move on lets check out what is compatibility mode and how it works. Check below for steps on how to fix  Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid on Windows 10.

 Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid in Windows 10

As the name suggests compatibility mode is nothing but a software mechanism which allows software to emulate either an older version of software in order to allow incompatible software or files to remain compatible with the computer’s newer hardware or software. Check below for installation instructions for Bluestacks in Compatibility mode.

Note – Important

You must ensure that your system meets the minimum system specifications as required by Bluestacks both in terms of Hardware and Software. You system must have latest processor Intel Core 2 Duo or above, Minimum 2 GB of RAM for optimal performance along with 512 MB of Graphics card.

  • Open your system and there Click on Start -> Select All Apps -> Search for Bluestacks App Player -> Right Click on Bluestacks setup .exe file and select Open File location.
  • Here now Right click on the setup file of Bluestacks App Player and select “Properties”. Navigate to Compatibility Tab -> Here make sure to check mark next to “Run this program in Compatibility mode” and select operating system (either Windows 8 or Windows 7). You can latest Bluestacks version from Bluestacks Official Website.
  • That’s it click on Apply and Ok. Once done try running Bluestacks again and see if that resolves your issue or not. If not please drop your query by commenting below and we will get back to you shortly with further resolution steps. Thanks!

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