How to Remove Bloatware Apps from Android Device

Almost every android device that you buy currently comes with pre-loaded apps often termed as bloatware apps which varies as per your android device manufacturer. Different manufacturers devices comes with different bloatware apps where some are having very few apps and some are having countless apps. Most of the manufacturers add these apps thinking that all these would might be of help for the users especially begineers helping them to get started with their newly purchased device and thus they are included along with your stock firmware. Though for some users these apps acts as point of gift from the manufacturer’s end whereas some users found these apps quite irritating and frustrating consuming lots of valuable internal storage space and this really hurts especially when running out of storage space while you are trying to install your favourite apps and this is the time when the users get so much annoyed that they started looking for a way or solution on how to remove bloatware apps from android device. Therefore to help you out I thought of sharing an article on How to remove bloatware apps from android device.

Note : Important

You must note that before you can completely remove bloatware apps from your android device your android device should be rooted with supreuser i.e root priviliges. The below given method is only for rooted android devices and if your android device is not rooted it is recommend that you should first root your android device and then proceed with the following tutorial.

How to Remove Bloatware Apps from Android Device – Steps to Follow

It has been said that by rooting your android device you can simply remove all your bloatware apps easily but that is not true and therefore it does require some additional steps which are not that easy to implement so here I have mentioned one of the easiest way of removing bloatware apps from android device with the help of NoBloat Free App.

*NoBloat Free app is a special app that lets you remove unwanted apps that come pre-installed with your phone. It can also automatically place backups on your external storage which you can restore at any time. NoBloat is available in free as well full version i.e (paid version)

  • First of all you need to download and install NoBloat Free app on your android device which you can install from Google Playstore – Click to Install NoBloat Free
  • After installing just run the app and while running for the first time it will ask you to grant Superuser privileges which can be only granted after you have rooted your android device. Therefore Hit the grant button and continue.
  • After this under the main interface just select System apps and there you will see all your bloatware system apps that you can remove from your device.

How to remove bloatware apps from android device - NoBloat Free

  • After you select the app that you wish to remove from your android device it will show you three options



Backup and delete

Delete without backup

  • Just select the option as per you choice and that’s it you are done.

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