How to Delete uTorrent History : Clear Download History

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uTorrent is one of the most preferred and efficient BitTorrent client that provides all the premium features like bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading, and Mainline DHT absolutely free of cost. It has got all the features what other BitTorrent clients offers with extra features as well that includes unique protocol for the detection and correction of heavy traffic which is indeed a great feature. As per the reports and statistical data it has been stated that there are over 100 million users of uTorrent worldwide which is a record figure. uTorrent provides free access for downloading favorite games, music, movies, books and much more. So if you are a regular uTorrent user and are often concerned about your uTorrent privacy while downloading private files or videos then this article is just what you must be looking for as here I am going to share how to delete uTorrent history permanently from your system.

Though by default uTorrent keeps the track or history of downloads and uploads of last 31 days after which it gets reset automatically but if you are willing to clear utorrent download history immediately after downloading some sort of private files you do have the option of removing that too so in order to delete uTorrent history from your system just follow the below given instructions on how to delete uTorrent history.

How to Delete uTorrent history : Clear uTorrent download History

Well it’s not that hard or difficult to delete uTorrent download history you can just do it simply by following the below given simple step by step instructions. Just read the below given guide on how to delete uTorrent history.

  • First of all open uTorrent Application in your System.
  • Click on options menu from the top menu of uTorrent.
  • Select Preferences or your can simply press CTRL + P to open the uTorrent Preferences Tab.

How to delete uTorrent history

  • Now Click on Transfer cap from the left side options list and then click on Reset History from the right pane as shown below in the screen shot.
  • That’s it just click on OK to save your settings and you are all done.

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