How to Reduce Data Usage in Android : Useful Tips

Internet has become a necessity for everyone ranging from students to working professionals, Internet is a need of everyone and therefore in this era of Internet technology you can easily find Internet connectivity in your surroundings. Earlier Internet was more common in desktop systems which later on moved to laptops and now again there is a fast growing trend of Internet in Smartphone users. As per the reports and statistical data it has been noted that almost 70-90% of Smartphone users have Internet connection with them and this has been due to especially because of increasing social networking platforms like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat and many more. Google Android OS has played a major role in getting users closer to Internet. Read below on how to reduce data usage in android smartphone.

 Usefult Tips on How to Reduce Data Usage in Android Smartphone : As per my experience with a Smartphone I really feel that if you have a decent Smartphone and that too without an Internet connectivity then your Smartphone has literally no meaning at all. Therefore most of the users are having Internet connection on their Smartphone’s for carrying out daily activities like personal and office work. Studying over Internet on Smartphones has become a new trend for young students and is really good as they no more need to pay expensive prices for the sake of information but yeah for this they need to pay a small amount of Internet recharge fees depending upon their mobile network operator. Rates of Internet over mobile networks are not that cheap as compared to LAN wire or cable based Internet connections therefore most of the Smartphone users tend to have limited Internet data usage plans as the rates of unlimited Internet plans starts touching skies. Therefore When you don’t have unlimited data usage plans with yourself and where every megabytes that you use counts it becomes really important to restrict data usage in your smartphone and therefore here I am going to share some useful tips on how to reduce data usage in Android smartphone.

Best Tips on How to Reduce Data Usage in Android : Useful Tips

As I discussed above if you are on limited Internet data usage plans then it is important that you should take care of every megabyte of Internet data that you consume so just check below important useful tips on how to minimize data usage in android smartphone.

1 : Switch to a Light Weight Web Browser – Google Chrome (recommended)

Though Google android operating system does offer a default web browser with every smartphone with its features getting updated with every new release of Android OS version but still it doesn’t offer much features as compared to other popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini etc. So your first step towards reducing data usage in Android smartphone is to make switch from your default web browser to a light weight browser that is Google Chrome (Recommended)

2 : Optimize your Google Chrome Web Browser

After making a switch from default android browser to Google Chrome browser it’s time to optimize Google Chrome web browser for saving data usage while browsing. Google Chrome offers special data compression feature that compresses web pages while loading thus saving Internet data usage.

How to Enable Data Compression in Google Chrome Web Browser ?

  • Open Google Chrome App in your Smartphone  and tap on its menu button located at the top right corner.
  • Go to Settings -> Click on Bandwidth Management -> Tap on reduce data usage -> There you just need to change its status from OFF to ON by moving the slider.

How to Reduce Data Usage in Android -- Google Chrome

Note – Also check “Preload webpages” to “Only on WiFi”. This will also help to save Internet data usage.

3 : Turn Off your Internet When Not in Use

It has been observed that most of the users keep their mobile data on for 24hrs which in really not advisable if you are on limited Internet data usage plan. Therefore it is important that you should keep your mobile data ON only when using Internet on your Android smartphone.

4 : Turn Off Auto Update Apps / Update only on WiFi

Google Play store has by default its option set to Auto Update apps which keeps on updating apps in background with the knowledge of user and hence consuming enormous amount of your mobile data. Therefore either Turn Off Auto Update Apps or limit this option to Update Apps only on WiFi connectivity.

  • Open Google Playstore and Go to its Settings -> Select Auto-Update Apps and there you will get the option of either select “Do not Update Apps” or “Auto-Update Apps over WiFi connection”.

How to Reduce Data Usage in Android

  • That’s it select any option from these two and you will be on your way of saving your mobile data.

5 : Restrict Background Data Usage

There are many apps or games which keep on consuming mobile data in backgroud without mobile users consent therefore in such cases you can go to your phone settings -> Data usage settings and there you can restrict background data for individual apps which are consuming more mobile data as per the download infographics.

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