Nokia Lumia 520 PC Suite Free Download|Full Specifications

Nokia Lumia 520 is a Budget Windows Smartphone From Nokia Designed to Provide the Best Windows Smartphone Experience at a Budget Price.The Most Amazing Feature of Nokia Lumia 520 is that it Comes with Latest Microsoft Windows 8 OS at a very Cheap Price available For Only Rs 9999.Nokia Lumia 520 specifications are by far the best Specifications that you can get at this Cheap Price.Nokia Lumia 520 is Powered by 1 GHz dual core Qualcomm Krait processor with 512 MB RAM that allows you to do almost any task smoothly without any Lag or Problem etc. Subway Surfers for lumia 520, 620, 625, 720 (512MB RAM) Coming to its Display that is too Brilliant Offering a High Screen Resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, 235 ppi and 16 M colors.Nokia Lumia 520 Comes with a 4-inch IPS Capacitive Touchscreen that is so sensitive that allows you to Work on Your Nokia Lumia 520 Even after Wearing Gloves on Your Hand isn’t this Amazing.Very Highly Responsive Touchscreen.For Me its the Best Windows Smartphone at a Price of Rs 9999 Only.Very Sleek and Slim Design looks Amazing.Applications Never Hangs or Lags.Nokia Lumia 520 PC Suite Free Download from the Download Link Given below in the Post.Earn Money Online From Home For Free : Genuine Income

Nokia Lumia 520 PC Suite Free Download|Full Specifications

Nokia Lumia 520 Full Specifications |General Features

  • Operating System – Latest Microsoft Windows 8 OS
    • Processor – 1 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Krait Processor
  • RAM – 512 MB
  • Internal Memory – 8 GB
  • Display –  4 Inches IPS Touchscreen with WVGA, 800 x 480 Pixels Resolution
  • Camera – 5 MP Camera With HD Recording
  •  Connectivity – WI-fi , GPRS , 3G , EDGE , Bluetooth , USB

Nokia Lumia 520 PC Suite Free Download|Windows Phone App

Windows Phone App for Nokia Lumia 502 lets you connect your Nokia Lumia 520 with Your PC or Computer and Allows you to Synch or Manage all of Your Phone Data i.e Synch Contacts , Manage Calendar and Events , Make Back up etc and Much More.With the Help of You Can run Internet On Your PC or Computer by Making Your Nokia Lumia 520 as Modem. Subway Surfers for lumia 520, 620, 625, 720 (512MB RAM) Update your Nokia Lumia 520 with latest available Update available On Nokia Official Store.

Windows Phone App Minimum Requirements

  • Internet Connection to Update Your Nokia Lumia 520.
    • Minimum of 1Ghz Processor or Faster Processor.
  • 1 GB RAM ( 32 Bit Users ) and 2 GB of RAM ( 64 Bit Users ) .
  • PC Running with Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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58 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 520 PC Suite Free Download|Full Specifications

  1. munna sharma says:

    Hi Pankaj, I just want to know one thing that with the help of Zune software, will I be able to connect my Lumia 520 internet (Airtel sim) to laptop and surf net on pc.

    • Yeah!! You Can Use Your Nokia Lumia 520 as Modem to Access Internet on Your Computer Using Your Lumia 520…

  2. Hi pankaj!! Can i access to internet by my nokia lumia 520 to my PC by downloading the PC suite software from the “Download link” given in this website???

  3. yo yo DEEPAK says:


  4. I have installed Zune software on my pc but my phone does not connect…
    when connect my phone through data cable, in Zune software show that no device is connect……..plz help

  5. Pankaj Vishwakarma says:

    Dear Pankaj I have Lumia 520. I have installed Zune on my Win-XP pc, but the software displays the message that my phone is not connected.

    • Download and Install Windows Phone App to Sync Your Windows 8 mobile with PC…You can Find the Updated Link in the Post Now….Download Link

  6. how to connect internet in nokia lumia 520

  7. I have purchased a nokia Lumia 520. My old Nokia Xpress music contacts are saved in CSV format.
    I do not see an option to manage the contacts of the new Nokia Lumia. I have installed Zune and the PC phone application that you mentioned. All I see is an option to sync music and playlist. Nothing to do with contacts. My Xpress musoc phone bluetooth is gone bad. I tried the option, that does not work either. Please suggest an option to manage contacts of Lumia via PC suite application.

  8. Hey Pankaj, there is no safely remove hardware option when i connect my Lumia 520 using a data cable into my laptop. Is it ok to just remove the phone by removing the cable from the laptop? Also i didn’t install the software in my laptop. is that the reason why there is no safely remove hardware option.

    • Normally it should Show but if it not showing there’s no Problem but make sure that no other Program is Using Your Nokia Lumia 520 while Removing the Cable….So it is better to Remove after Shutting Down your PC…

  9. how can i download game TEMPLE RUN 2 in lumia 520

  10. Pankaj Can u tell me how to download zune software for my nokia lumia 520??????????????

  11. I hv nokia lumia 520, n OS windows xp professional (service pack 2)in my pc .I installed zune soft bt it could not connect.How can i connect it to my pc???pls……… me dear.

  12. Hi!! My pc’s operating system is windows xp. According to the user guide i don’t have to download zune player or pc suite. I’ll have to just click on the windows explorer and the name of my phone will appear and then i can transfer my files from my pc to phone. But unfortunately this is not working out in my case. My pc is unable to detect my phone. What should i do now??? Please help me…

  13. Thank u Pankaj to synchronize with lumia 520 but i want to know that can i internet(2G) to pc with connect lumia 520 ??? if yes how?i can’t internet to connect lumia 520. Please help.

  14. Hi Pankaj – I have purchased the LUMIa 520, is there way, I can download & install the apps from the PC to my phone, instead of downloading through the mobile network…

  15. i have lumia 520 ………..and windows 8 pc ….how can i transfer games to my phone from computer?

  16. khania sumit says:

    How to install game and app ,pc to nokia Lumia 520

  17. Pl suggest me how to download offline apps for lumia 520

  18. hi pankaj- i hav a nokia lumia 520 ad my pc is xp sp2 how can i transer my data pc to mobil.plz help me. am alredy install zune ad windows phone app but both are not installing in my pc. …

  19. hi pankaj..i got a new lumia 520 and my pc is win xp sp2…how can i trasfer music and videos from pc to phone easily…please tell soon

    • First You need to Upgrade your Windows XP to SP 3 or newer version of Windows and then try using Windows Phone App to Transfer your Files….

  20. Thanks very much Mr. Pankaj Kumar. Thanks for the sharing! Have a great day..

  21. hi pankaj..i got a new lumia 520 and my pc is win xp sp4…how can i trasfer music and videos from pc to phone easily…please tell soon

  22. Dear bro,can i transfer games from pc to lumia 520,820?Please………….

  23. Where will i get this Zune App to connect internet from my Nokia Lumia 520 to my PC.

  24. Its no need to buy a Wi-Fi to connect internet from mobile to PC, when Zune PC App is installed in my PC, Right?

  25. sourav paul says:

    should i go for lumia 520 or should i go for samsung galaxy s duos

  26. How can i download whatsapp videos, in my Nokia Lumia 520.

  27. Hi pankaj via usb data cable can i connect internet in lumia520

  28. I tried but its not connecting,it shows some error

  29. Hey Pankaj, you’re great. lots of help from you. Thanks.

  30. Hello sir i bought new Nokia Lumia 520 sir i want to know that can i connect my mobile to pc as a modem using data cable if yes so what we do to connect my phone to the pc my lape. model is dell inspiron n4050

  31. Hi
    i have Lumia 520.
    when i take the picture or save it from some where is shows 3-4 times in a row, when i try to delete the extras all the pics deletes,
    also there no option to move the picture to a specific folder. plz help

  32. If there is any sofware like Software Data cable to share big files in seconds in Nokia Lumia 520. Plz plz plz reply.

  33. I had hard reset the Nokia Lumia 520. I never add email id. Now can I restore my pictures from the internal memory of the phone as mass storage. I had installed zune but cant find the “vid_045e&pid_04ec&mi_00” in regedit as mentioned in different sites…
    Please help

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