IRCTC Tatkal Tips 2016 | Tatkal Booking Confirmed Tickets

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Are you having plans of some journey? Aren’t tickets available on the site of IRCTC for the train you are looking for? Normally, when it comes to booking the tickets we get up early in the morning and open the site of IRCTC sharp at 8AM in an anxiousness for booking the tickets. Obviously, when we try at the same time, it is found that the vacancy is quite low. Most of the times, the booking goes in vain. At such times IRCTC Tatkal tips 2016 must be considered.

IRCTC Tatkal Tips 2016

IRCTC Tatkal Tips 2016 for faster ticket booking : IRCTC is a leading website in India, when it comes to ticket booking. As per the reports of ASSOCHAM and ComScore, 1 out of 5 internet users in the counry login to this website. Between the time 10am-2pm, the traffic seems to be very high on the site. This is the time when most people make bookings. Since the website has gained so much popularity, there are also complaints with regards to poor bandwidth and server inability. Follow below given IRCTC Tatkal booking tips 2016 for confirmed tickets.

IRCTC Tatkal Tips 2016 | Tips For Faster IRCTC Tatkal Booking

There is an estimation that just in 1 hour, that is between 10am-11am, around 45k tickets are sold. Now, the system servers are upgraded. So if you wish to book tickets a day before the journey in Tatkal quota, keep your fingers crossed because there would be thousands of people who login simultaneously. Sometimes, the worst performance is show. Given below are some IRCTC Tatkal tips 2016 that are really going to be easy. There are several IRCTC tatkal booking online tips available like using tatkal booking scripts, tatkal booking hacks but most of them doesn’t work so it is better to avoid them and follow the below given important IRCTC Tatkal tips 2016

  • Try to log in from various accounts and different browsers. Only 2 Tatkal tickets can be booked from 1 ID. If more are needed, login through another ID sharp at 10am. Since the availability of the booking is just between 10am and 12am, there would be many who would try simultaneously.
  • Another popular one among all IRCTC Tatkal tricks 2016 is finding out server time. Ensure that the time is properly synchronized with an add-on tool that is available for Chrome as well as Firefox. With this, the time would be synchronized with the PC and there wouldn’t be any mess.
  • Another tip is to make sure that the screen isn’t going idle for over 3 minutes. Otherwise this may lead to Session Expired error.
  • Credit or debit cards must be kept handy so that the session isn’t lost. The session should be kept active manually. Go to the website, select Login, then select General and then Terms and Conditions. Copy the URL of terms and conditions in another browser and it must be pinged every couple of minutes.
  • The last and the best of all IRCTC Tatkal 2016 tips is keeping all the details at hand. For example, the age, name, passenger details, ticket type, PAN number etc.

These IRCTC Tatkal tips 2016 are definitely going to come handy once the option of Tatkal is chosen and will help in increasing your chances of getting a confirmed booking.

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