Fix Windows Phone Downloading Application Error 8000ffff

If you are a Windows Phone user then you might have come across downloading application error code 8000ffff while you trying to download apps from the Windows Phone store or when you try to restore your Windows Phone using a backup you face issue for some of the installed apps. What worse is that your apps list will show several invalid entries. Now, in case you are facing the same error, here is how to fix Windows phone downloading application error 8000ffff in Windows Phone.

Fix Windows Phone downloading application error 8000ffff

How to Fix Windows Phone downloading application error 8000ffff : Best Fixes

Well before we proceed on discussing various measures or solutions that need to be applied in order to fix Windows Phone downloading application error 8000ffff it is important to understand what are the possible suspected reasons for facing such irritating errors.

What causes Windows Phone downloading application error 8000ffff?

This is a question one needs to figure out by themselves as the error code hardly gives any hint about the error.  However, there are several reasons why the downloading application error code 8000ffff would appear on your Windows Phone.

  • The downloading application error code 8000ffff can occur if Apps are not compatible with your Windows Phone version: That’s right! If you have recently upgraded your Windows Phone version then some apps may no support that version and you will eventually end up with error code 8000ffff. Even if you change your device to some other OEM then also this error can occur, because few exclusive apps will not be supported by other OEMs. For example if you are using Nokia Lumia device and trying to switch to HTC Windows Phone device then this error could occur because Nokia Exclusive apps will not be supported by HTC Device.
  • The downloading application error code 8000ffff can occur because of different region: One thing you need to make sure that while you try to restore the back up, your region is set to what it was while taking the backup. Because some apps are region restricted, hence will show error if region in your device has been set to something else.
  • The downloading application error code 8000ffff can occur if the developer changes App identification number or remove the app from the store: Now suppose that you had an app installed on your old device, but later the developer remove the apps or publishes the app again with different identification number. Now while restoring the back up you will get the error because the app in the store and the app in your device does not match resulting in migration failure.

How to Fix Downloading Application error 8000ffff : Best Fixes

Now that you know what could cause downloading application error code 8000ffff in Windows Phone device, here is how you can fix this error.

Method 1: Set Region Before your Try to Restore

The best thing you could do to avoid this error because of region related issue is that you set your region on your Windows Phone to what it was before you proceed with the restoring process. This would make sure that the restoration process is smooth without any error.

Method 2: Remove Every Invalid Entry Manually from the App List

As I said earlier because of this error your app list will be filled with invalid entries. Now what you can do to fix this error is that remove each invalid entry manually. To do this go to Start screen, swipe left to view the app list. Now press and hold every invalid entry one after another and select Uninstall from the option.

Method 3: Cancel Failed Downloads from Store

If you don’t see an option to Uninstall the invalid entry, then you can try to cancel the failed download from the store. To do this, go to Store app, you should see all the failed download listed there. Now tap on failing download and then on Cancel Download.  Do this for each and every failed download app.

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