How to Open Corrupted Pen Drive / USB / Flash Drive – Best Fixes

There may arise situations when you won’t be able to access your USB pen drive or USB Flash drive due to pen drive corruption where you will eventually land up getting error something like ” Location is not available G:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable” Therefore to help you out with this issue here below we are providing you with some fixes that you may try in order to access corrupted pen drive or open a corrupted pen drive. Check below tutorial on How to Open Corrupted Pen Drive.

How to Open Corrupted Pen Drive

How to Open Corrupted Pen Drive / USB / Flash Drive – Best Fixes

Fix – 1 : Easy One (But Not Works in Every Case)

This is one of the easiest and safest way to get access to a corrupted pen drive but the problem with this method is that it is not as efficient as method 2 mentioned below. What is good in this method is that you don’t need to lose your data and at the same time your pen drive gets free from corruption.

  • Open RUN Command Box (By Pressing Windows + R button) and there type the command chkdsk/f g (Your Pen drive Partition) – For Example if your Pen drive is allocated G: Partition then you will need to enter the command chkdsk/f g

  • That’s it and wait for few seconds till it checks your Pen drive for errors. Once it is completed you just need to re-insert your USB pen drive and hopefully now you will be able to open your corrupted pen drive.

Fix – 2 : Diagnosing By Formatting the Pen Drive

If the above method doesn’t work out then you will have to try this one but the only drawback using this procedure is that you will have to lose any of your saved data since you will be formatting the pen drive at the end as a part of 2 step process. So just follow the below mentioned steps carefully and you will be on your way to open corrupted flash drive.

Step – 1 : Check For Errors in Pen Drive

Go to My Computer -> There you will find your USB Pen drive -> Just Right Click on your Pen Drive -> Click on Properties -> Navigate to Tools and there you will see an option “Check” for checking the Pen drive for file system errors -> That’s it and it will then ask your for scan and wait till the scan gets completed and your pen drive bad sectors get fixed.

How to Open Corrupted Pen Drive

Step – 2 : Diagnose / Format Pen Drive

Now after running the scan process you will need to format your USB pen drive in order to resolve the access issue. Go to My Computer -> There Select and Right Click on your Pen drive -> Click on Format and proceed on with normal format procedure rather than going for a Quick format. That’s it and re-insert your Pen drive and hopefully you won’t be facing the same accessible error again. Thanks!!

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