Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Dating Sites 2019

Dating sites have gone through some transformations throughout the last decade. It’s official: dating communities are the most interactive they have ever been. What’s the catch? The irony is, besides having a point of uniting people, dating sites always lack direct communication and feedback.If you want your users to be active and communicate with each other within the site, not using third-party forums and so on, you need to give them an opportunity to talk on their opinion by creating much-needed plugins for this matter. As an administrator, you need to quickly react to comments and analyze various indicators. That’s why special plugins for feedback and commentaries exist. Here is the list of comments system plugins and Word Press additions.

  • Disqus

Disqus is one of the most popular and, as some say, the best plugin for WordPress. It substitutes the standard system of WordPress commentaries. Comments will be kept and processed on the basis of Disqus and automatically displayed on your website. This will remove the load from the server.The plugin supports the display of multi-level comments and responses to them, email notifications, and the ability to share it on social networks. You can assign comments to statuses (approve, delete, send to spam). The plugin integrates using the Disqus API and syncs with WordPress comment service.

  • Comments Evolved for WordPress

This plugin adds commentaries from Facebook and Google+ to your blog. One more thing that will be available is the presence of Disqus and standard WordPress commentaries. The user who left comments on your blog via social network system can automatically send them to your page, making the potential reach of your comment much, much bigger.

  • CommentLuv

This plugin works as follows: while the user adds a comment, the plugin adds links to the last post in this user’s blog. This adds more motivation to discuss needed topics for all people who have blogs. On the other hand, this option can and will attract spammers, so you’d better hire a moderator who will track down new commentaries if you install this plugin.

  • Facebook Comments

This plugin allows you to display real names and photos of commentators by embedding them from Facebook to your site. This creates a number of advantages: simplifying the reality check of users, reducing spam factor, andthe commentary system seems more realistic. But this solution will not work for you if your target audience does not use this social network.

  • Crowd Control

Crowd Control plugin gives users the opportunity to report comments that don’t correspond to the site’s policy. You can use setting to set the number of complaints andfeedback to the comment before it is sent for moderation and also set the option of receiving notifications by the administrator in such cases. Administrator-approved comments will no longer be queued for moderation.

  • Akismet

It’s a very useful plugin which prevents getting spam in the commentaries. It has a list of useful functions:

– Automatic checking of comments and blocking spam;

– Saving the history of statuses which helps to check whether comments were blocked or approved;

– Viewing the number of approved comments for each user;

– The function of resetting spam comments, helping to save disk space and speed up the site. So, if you want to meet single girls online, this feature is definitely a must.

  • Epoch

This plugin updates basic functions of WordPress commenting, but on the contrary to Disqus, it doesn’t substitute the system of commentaries.It only adds some functions.Epoch is based on AJAX which prevents reloading the page after adding comments. It’s worth mentioning that this plugin differentiates the author’s comments from others by marking them other colors.

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