RDP Thinbook Review – Get a Brand New Windows Laptop @9,999 Only

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Getting a laptop these days have become a cake walk for majority of the users unlike what it was few years ago but still there is a major chunk of population which lacks enough funds for procurement of a brand new laptop. No doubt still if you go out to purchase a new laptop you must be thinking of carrying a minimum of 25,000Rs in your pocket to get a branded laptop from the likes of HP, Dell or Lenovo which sounds bit difficult for few, hence resulting into either dropping the plan of buying a new laptop or going for a old refurbished laptop. In the past few years I have witnessed lot of cases where including few of my friends have opted for buying a old refurbished laptop instead of a new one due to budget issues. It is not always a good idea to go for refurbished products especially in the field of Technology where a single faulty issue or a fraud can lead you into serious situations but still people consider this as option. Earlier people didn’t have much choices with them but now with proper awareness one can easily get away from falling into trap of purchasing a second hand laptop and that too with either less or comparable to the pricing of the old refurbished laptop with all the warranty benefits of new product. So today here I am going to cover one such laptop from all new innovative firm RDP that has introduced RDP Thinbook range of Laptops.

You can find plenty of laptops in the range of 10,000-20,000 but most of them are built for light internet usage and are based on different operating system. So as discussed above with proper awareness and latest product happenings, one can easily buy an affordable Windows laptop and that too at a very reasonable pricing of just Rs9,999 only. One such laptop is being offered by Hyderabad based firm RDP where they have come out with all new Thinbook as an Inspiration. It’s been a long time since they have released their product but still people aren’t much aware about this cool thinbook and its amazing specification which still remains unbeatable at its pricing.

RDP Thinbook Review

RDP Thinbook is claimed to be India’s first & only affordable ultra slim laptop with 14.1″ HD display at a pricing of Just Rs9,999 only. It comes with an amazing technical specification that boasts a superior high quality 14.1″ HD Display powered by Intel quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC (expandable upto 128GB thru external micro SD card) & Intel HD graphics, easily viable to do multitasking by switching to different applications. The device is equipped with Intel HD graphics chipset cabale enough to do all your daily multimedia tasks. Like an Ultrabook, this Thinbook also offers a long lasting non-stop usage upto 8.5hrs daily that makes it quite productive enough without running out of power wherever you go. Like a usual Windows laptop, you get all the features of a normal laptop like Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, USB, Headphone & Mic etc. RDP Thinbook is available in two different variants – 11.6 inch Laptop and 14.1 inch Laptop. The Device can be easily purchased online via RDP Official Website or via Amazon Online Retail store exclusively with special offers.


RDP Thinbook Review : Pros and Cons At Glance

  • RDP Thinbook offers a premium slim design and sturdy build quality with a perfect blend of amazing technical specifications. Long lasting non-stop battery back up of upto 8.5hrs. Pre-loaded Original Microsoft Windows. Enough for Home & Personal student Usage.
  • The Display quality is okay with bit low viewing angles. Touchpad and Keyboard needs further improvement. Reading & Writing speeds on the lower end.

The RDP Thinbook carries 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. The power adapter and other accessories which comes along with ThinBook has 90 days warranty from the date of purchase.

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