How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 80c805e2

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 80c805e2: Trying to sync your Microsoft account and caught up with this annoying error on your Windows Phone? Don’t worry, in this round we will cover how to fix this annoying error on Windows Phone smartphone. But, before that let’s have a look at what causes this error.

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 80c805e2

"We're having a problem syncing your information. Try again later. Error code: 80C805E2"

This error message could occur if you have bulk deleted items including text messages threads on your device. It could also occur if you have deleted or moved too many emails item over a period. Now that you know what causes this error, you can follow below given methods to fix this error on your Windows Phone smartphone. Try below instructions on how to fix Windows Phone Error Code 80c805e2

How to Fix Windows Phone Error code 80c805e2 : Best Fixes

Method 1: Disable Text Message Backup

You can fix this error by disabling text message backup on your phone. To do this  go to App list, tap on Settings, swipe to Applications and then tap on Messaging. Next, tap on Toggle Text Message Back and turn it off.

If you can also see Chat Backup option ,then turn it off as well. Now try to sync your Microsoft account from Settings > Email + Account, tap and hold on your Microsoft account and select Sync.

Method 2:  Clear the Deleted Items Folder

If the first method didn’t work, try  clearing the deleted items folder on your device. To do this, go to Inbox of your Microsoft account, tap on Ellipsis button ( [….]) and then tap on Folders.

Under Folders, tap Show all folders, select Deleted items folder, tap on Ellipsis button […] and select Empty folder. Once done, try to sync to your Microsoft accounts from Settings.

Method 3: Reset Email Sync

If the above method didn’t work, try resetting your Email Sync. To do this Go to Settings and tap on Email + accounts. Next, tap on your Microsoft Account to access the settings for the account

Under content to sync, deselect (uncheck) the Email checkbox and tap on Done. Note that after doing this your email tile will become unpinned from its original location and you can find it at the bottom of your start screen.

Method 4: Reset your Windows Phone

If none of the above method worked for you then you can proceed with resetting your device. Note that before you proceed with reset, take complete backup of your device. To reset your phone, go to Settings > About > Reset your Phone > Yes > and confirm it by tapping on Yes again.

By following the above given method you should be able to Fix Windows Phone Error code 80c805e2. Do let us know which method worked for you in the comments below.

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