How to Use Apple iPhone as Modem : Connect Internet on PC

Apple iPhone’s are considered as one of the most prestigious smartphone’s in this era of overgrowing mobile technology.Even after the huge success of Google Android OS and latest android smartphone’s Apple has well managed to keep themselves alive in this very competitive market by delivering best in class products with superior quality performance as well as support.Today you can easily find Apple iPhone in the hands of working professionals.

So Today here I am going to share with you a very useful information regarding Apple iPhone and its Internet Connectivity with computer.I have seen most of the users struggling while trying to use their Apple iPhone as modem to get access to Internet on their PC but now you longer need to struggle anymore after you go through the below given detailed guide on How to Use Apple iPhone as modem.

Note – Only devices running on Apple iOS 4.3 or Higher versions are supported for tethering option so make sure that you are running the supported OS version and if don’t please update and then proceed with the given procedure.

How to Use Apple iPhone as Modem – USB/Bluetooth

There are different methods to get connected to Internet on your PC through Apple iPhone.You can either connect it physically by enabling USB Tethering mode or you can do it simply via Bluetooth settings or Creating a WiFi Hotspot therefore here below you will find all these methods.

Enabling Tethering Mode : Connect via USB / Bluetooth / WiFi

  • Get your hands on your iPhone and Open its Settings
  • Move to General Category -> Select Network
  • In the Network menu Select Internet Tethering and Turn it On by sliding the Option from Off to On OR You may find an option to Turn on Personal Hotspot

How to Use Apple iPhone as Modem : Connect Internet on PC

  • That’s it and your iPhone will work as modem from now onwards
  • Connect your iPhone to Your PC or laptop via USB Cable and Select iPhone -> Apply When a new pop up appears on your screen after connecting the iPhone via USB Cable.
  • Under Your PC Network Settings you will now see Apple iPhone as your new Network Adapter and You are now successfully connected to Internet and Enjoy Web browsing

Alternatively – Without Using the USB Cable you can also connect it via Bluetooth and pairing your iPhone with your PC or laptop.


To use it as WiFi modem just enable wireless connectivity on your system and search for Wireless connections and there you will find your Apple iPhone therefore simply select it and you will be shortly connected to Internet.You can setup a WiFi password for your hotspot by Clicking on the Edit Settings Under Personal Hotspot Section.

Note – It is recommended that you should install Apple itunes on the system on which you want to use your iPhone as modem so as to avoid chances of being recognized your device as Camera or something else instead of modem.

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