How to Check Internet Data Usage in Windows 8.1/7/XP

Learn How to Check Internet Data Usage in Windows : Not everyone has unlimited internet data usage plan and therefore it becomes quite necessary to check and keeping monitoring Internet data usage when you are on limited Internet data  plans so as to avoid excessive charges and therefore to help you here in this article I am going to share one of the most useful tip for an Internet user that is How to Check Internet data usage in Windows PC or Laptop. In recent versions of Microsoft Windows i.e Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 there is a default feature provided in the Windows itself by which you can easily monitor your Internet data usage for past few days but it is having very limited features and is not advisable for advanced users who want more closer details about every internet session. Therefore in such cases it is always recommended to use free third party apps which I have shared below.

How to Check Internet Data Usage in Windows : Different Ways

Without Using Apps : Only for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

In Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 you can monitor your Internet data usage by setting the internet connection as metered connection which will then start tracking your total used bandwidth and to do you have to just open your charms menu and go to your Connections and Right-Click on your Internet Connection and click on “Set as metered connection” as shown in the screenshots below. After this now whenever you need to check your Internet Data Usage just right-click or long-press on your connection and select Show Estimated Data Usage which will then show your total Internet data usage. Being a default windows feature you won’t be able to get special features or options like set internet data usage threshold warning etc and much more therefore in such circumstances the best way is to opt for apps by which you can easily set your preferred settings while using internet on pc.

How to Check Internet Data Usage in WIndows - 1

With Third-Party Apps : Applicable for All Windows Versions

There are various apps available over internet through which you can monitor your internet data usage but most of them are having issues or generate fake data usage charts i.e not accurate and therefore here below I have shared only popular apps that works flawless and will surely fulfil all your needs.


NetWorx is one of the best application to check all your internet data usage and more importantly it provides very accurate details about your data usage. What you need to do is just install NetWorx app on your windows system and it will then start tracking down your internet usage as per your choice of settings. To track your data usage you can just click on the NetWorx icon in the taskar which will then open the NetWorx window from where you check your internet usage and set a daily, weekly or monthly quota to track uploads or downloads or both. Also you can set a upper threshold limit which will warn you when you will reach that upper internet usage limit so as to save you from excessive billing charges.

How to Check Internet Data Usage in WIndows - Networx

BitMeter 2

Another popular and very useful application is BitMeter 2 that comes with a Desktop widget that displays internet data usage in graphical view. BitMeter 2 shows both the downloading and uploading speeds as well. In BitMeter 2 you can also set the quota or thresold limit under ISP Restrictions which is a very useful feature.

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