How to Create your own Personalized Browser with MakeMyBrowser!!!

Bored of using regular Internet Web Browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome!!! What about creating your own customized personal web browser ? – Surprised!!! Don’t be now you can make your own free web browser with MakeMyBrowser Online Tool.It would be a great fun creating your own browser and surprise your blog readers, friends or family members so let’s try this out together. is a free online web service that allows users to create their own customized web browsers for their personal or commercial usage and the most interesting fact about creating personal browsers from MakeMyBrowser Webservice is that all the browsers that are created via MakeMyBrowser are chromium based and provides full support for all the existing and latest Google Chrome extensions.Also it provides full web security while surfing or browsing so you don’t need to worry about your privacy as it is chromium based browser that has been designed keeping an architectural point of view about the security isn’t this great!!!

With Create a dedicated browser for each member of the family absolutely for free of cost.The best part of creating a personalized browser for your own eases out various things  helping you to take a full control over all your privacy and makes it much easier for you especially if you have single computer on your home that is accessed by all your family members because each one can have their own private browser with their personalized settings thereby not affecting others user experience.

How to Create your own personalized browser – Steps to Follow

Create your own Personalized Browser Makemybrowser - 1

  • Select browser name and icon for your browser.

Create your own Personalized Browser Makemybrowser - 2

  • Select Bookmarks (You can also add bookmarks later on)

Create your own Personalized Browser Makemybrowser - 3

  • Next Select Add Features like Adblock, widgets etc.

Create your own Personalized Browser Makemybrowser - 4

  • Select a Theme for your bowser and Download it.

Create your own Personalized Browser Makemybrowser - 5

  • That’s it and you are all done therefore if you enjoyed reading this article Please Don’t forget to share it with your friends or family members…Thanks

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