Fix Bluestacks Network Error | Failed to Connect to Server

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Encountering network related issues within bluestacks has become quite common these days and daily hundreds of users are found reporting issues while connecting to server via bluestacks. Though the exact reason is still unknown as it has been observed that in most cases the error comes and goes again after few bluestacks restarts but that is not the real solution for fixing bluestacks network error. Still it can be predicted that it arises because of internet bandwidth issues or backend server issues. Also the common reported bluestacks network error is “Bluestacks failed to connect to server. No app found Please check your internet connection and try again” while trying to download or install apps from bluestacks. Moreover, there are critical issues associated with the apps those who require active internet connection for running like Clash of Clans, Castle clash etc. Therefore here below are few general and specific error related fixes that you may try in order to resolve bluestacks network error.

General Instructions to Fix Bluestacks Network Error :

  • Before running always ensure that you are connected to Internet and Internet connection is working fine.
  • If you are using 512kbps or lower bandwidth Internet it is strongly recommend to disable all background Internet services i.e windows updates or other Internet based services.
  • It will be also good if you are using the latest Bluestacks version on your system and that too installed via bluestacks split installer to get the updated bluestacks version.

How to Fix Bluestacks Failed to Connect to Server Error :

If you are having issues like “No app Found. Please Check Network Connectivity”or “No app found Please check your internet connection and try again” while installing apps from bluestacks then here below are few fixes that you may follow.

  • If you are using Antivirus on your system then first you should disable that Antivirus program and then run bluestacks and here once again sync your google account with bluestacks (Learn how to sync Google account with bluestacks) and after that you can enable your antivirus and check whether you still face the same network issues.
  • Alternatively you can download the Android APK files and then installing apps directly through these APK files.

Not Verified but still you can give it a try :

  • Go to your Windows directory -> ProgramData -> Search for the bluestacks folder -> Right click on the folder and select properties -> Navigate to the Security tab -> Under permissions select edit -> Select your system users -> Here Make sure that you have allowed full control as shown below in the screen shots.

How to fix bluestacks network error

How to Fix Bluestacks Network Error “For Apps that require active internet connection” :

There are few apps or games like clash of clans that require active internet connection to run within bluestacks and most networks issues are faced in respect to these kind of apps. Moreover, these issues are quite hard to get rid off and therefore the only suggested solution for these issues is using a proxy server for bluestacks. So here you can use Proxycap to redirect bluestacks through proxy. You can check the detailed step by step guide on configuring bluestacks proxy server from below. This works for Bluestacks Network unreachable error too.


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