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Mobile Industry has witnessed a great revolution since the inception of Google Android OS and Apple iOS based smartphone’s making android and apple iOS as one of the leading technologies to be used in mobile industry as a result of which 90% of the smartphone’s that we see around us are either based on the android platform or on the apple iOS platform. Both these operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. Apart from the usual mobile features and functionalties the major difference between Google android based smartphones and apple iOS based smartphones lies in their pricing where you can easily get an android smartphone for as low as 80-100$ but for an Apple iOS smartphone you need to spend around atleast 500-1000$ depending upon the model that you wish to purchase. Both android and apple are having their own online app store or apps market from where the users need to download and install the apps for their devices. Download iOS Emulator for Android APK iEmulator APK from below.

iOS Emulator for android apk

As of now you can easily find apps which are available for android on google playstore on the apple itunes store as well for apple iOS devices but still there are few apps which are exclusively available either on Google playstore or on apple itunes store because of which people start looking out for ways to run apple iOS apps on android or vice versa and thats where use of emulators comes handy. Therefore here I am going to share how to emulate apple iOS apps on Google Android smartphones using iOS Emulator but before I proceed on lets get familiar with iOS emulator and its features and minimum requirements to run iEMU on your android device. Get iOS Emulator iEmulator APK download from below.

iOS Emulator for Android iEMU APK Key Features and Minimum Requirements:

  • Get full access to apple iOS applications on your Android Smartphone.
  • No worries for losing your saved game data and therefore you can easily resume your game from where you left.
  • Supports all the major gamepads and Xperia Play built in gamepad.
  • Your android should be version 2.3 or higher in order to run iOS Emulator iEMU.
  • Your android device must poses atleast 512 MB RAM for running iOS Emulator app.

Free iOS Emulator for Android APK Download : Install iEMU APK

Well in order to emulate iOS apps on android you would need to download and install iEMU app on your android device and for that you can check the below given step by step installation guide.

  • Download iOS Emulator for Android APK – Click to Download

After downloading the iOS Emulator just install it as usual like you install normal android apps and wait till it gets installed. After installation you will find the app with name as “padiod” and just run that padiod app and start enjoying playing iOS Apps or iOS games on your android.

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  1. Great post thanks!

  2. When I try to install the apk file on my smartphone, it always installs ”All-In-One Downloader” with alot of trashy sideprograms but not the thing I wanted.

    How can I fix this


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