How to Make Money Online | Earn From Your Blog 2016

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So you are planning to make some money online? Or may be you want to make money from the comfort of home? How many articles have you read about making money online before reading this article? Well, if this is the firs article you are reading about making money online, you saved yourself from the possibility of getting cheated by the scammers out there. If not, you might have had a bad experience with all those online money making schemes that promise you of making a millionaire in a month. Well, there are schemes that promise you to make a millionaire overnight, but I know you would never believe them.

How to Make Money Online Earn From Your Blog 2016

The phrase make money online or make money from home isn’t a myth. It’s a reality. And this article is the proof that I will be making some money while working at home. No, no. I won’t be selling you anything, nor I am going to ask you to join some get quick rich schemes.  I am a blogger by profession. So, yeah, I make money by writing articles.

There are legitimate ways to make money online. The possibility is that you would end up making more than what you could have made with an offline job.  Online jobs are real. As real as the offline job. So, before you read the next part of the article, make sure you are serious about making money online. Because this is no child’s play. Making money online requires dedication and passion. Of course, some skills if you want to get into jobs that want skilled professionals.

If you look at the title of the article, it says two things. Make money online and earn from your Blog. So, for this article, I will begin with how to earn from your blog. If you are not interested in blogging, then you may skip this part and jump to the part where I will be talking about how to make money online except blogging.

How to Make Money Online Useful Tips : Earn From your Blog

I have been blogging professionally for years now and planning to make it my full-time job. Blogging is a serious business. It has its own pros and cons. But, the reward is pleasing enough to neglect the cons.

Blogging requires you TO have patience. No blogger, at least, the blogger at the beginner’s stage can start earning money from the first day. It would take more than six months before you really start to see some reward for hard the work.

To make money from a blog you need to have a decent amount of traffic. Blogs that get targeted readers may not need tons of traffic to make money. But, if you are planning to start with advertising networks to make money then you may need few hundred clicks on your ads every day to make some good amount of money.

So, basically, to make money from the Blog, begin with creating a blog. Start a blog on a topic that interests you. The topic could be anything including beauty tips to plumbing and works. Learn the basics of blogging and SEO (very important). To conclude in a sentence, SEO  (Search engine optimization) is nothing but a mixture of good articles and links. Learn to write good articles, at least, better than what is already available and also learn about how to build links. What is natural link building and what is manual link building.

Once you have a blog that generates enough traffic, here is how you can start making money out of it.

  • Advertising The safest and the best way to make money from your blog is to join an advertising networks such as Adsense. You apply for an Adsense account, you get it approved ( if you are lucky enough), you place ad codes given by the Adsense on your blog and see the magic happening. The more traffic you have, the more money you will make.
  • Affiliates Affiliate marketing is the oldest form of marketing and can help you make some really good amount of money, only if you are serious about it. You join affiliate network of any online business such as Amazon. When you recommend someone to these websites and when the reader makes the purchase using your affiliate ID, you will get a share of the sale known as a sales commission.
  • Sponsored posts Sponsored posts are the great way to make some bucks from your blog. If your blog is popular in your niche, PR agencies working for others blog will approach you to write a review or product promotion post for them. In return, you can charge a fixed amount of money.  One thing to remember here is that it is better to have a blog with lots of traffic and good reputation while accepting sponsored posts. Because, this way you can be sure that you can negotiate and settle for good deals rather than usual $50 for a day article deal.
  • Service / Subscription You are good at something? Maybe maths. Well, you can offer your services online through subscription.  People come to your blog, subscribe to it for a fee that you think is right and you offer them classes may be online with video sessions or offline in writing.

How to Make Money Online : Alternative Methods Apart from Blogging

Now that you know how to earn from your Blog. It’s time to have a look at other ways to make money online.

  • Work at Home Companies Work at home companies allows you to work from home. There are several companies such as CrowdSource and Demand Studios which allows you to work from home on an hourly wage. If you live in the US and can type fast you can join SpeakWrite and make as much as $15/hour for writing.
  • Work as Freelancer Freelancers are the people who work from home usually without any contracts. As a freelancer, you can do almost any kind of job that can be accomplished using your computer. You can do freelance writing, freelance coding, freelance research, freelance software development and much more. You can find about the best freelancing websites with a bit of Google search. However, you can begin with (formerly oDesk) and
  • PPC and Survey sites This would be the last method I would recommend  to anyone. Seriously, this simply does not worth it. However, if you think you have lots of free time and rather spend it earning few bucks than being idle, get started with the survey and PPC sites. You can try  InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Thepanelstation kind of sites to earn money by doing surveys and checking out the offers.

So, this was about how to make money online and earn from your blog 2016. Do let us know your ways to make money online. Before you get started with anyone of these work, remember one thing. There is nothing as “easy money”. Everyone has to work hard to earn money. So have patience while getting started with your online work and stay away from the get quick rich schemes.

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