Best VR Headsets for iphone

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If you are an iphone user and huge fan of virtual reality but still unable to find the right vr headset for your iphone then you are completely at right place. If you just now googled on the internet the one of the following queries carl zeiss vr, vr for iphone 5s, vr for iphone 6 plus, tepoinn 3d vr glasses vr headset, iphone 5 vr headset, iphone 6s plus vr headset, iphone 6 best buy,   which vr headset works with iphone, 6 best vr headset for iphone. Suddenly this page opened then you are at right place if you googled something else and bumped into this website and then you are completely at wrong place.

And It seems you have not left till now, then you are at right place at right time. So in this article we are going to discuss about best vr headsets available in the market for iphone6. Before writing this article we have found around 5vr headsets full compatible with iphone.  List of iphone supported vr headsets given below.

  • Carl Zeiss VR
  • Google Card Board
  • Homido VR Headset
  • Free Fly VR
  • Teopinn VR

So these are the best vr headsets that could be your easy passport to virtual reality if you are having an iphone. But still Carl Zeiss is coming at the top. Its price is little bit higher but still it has lot of features that would enchant you.

 VR Headsets for iphone

In this list of top vr headsets for iphone, Carl Zeiss comes at 1st place. Main feature of  this vr headset that it comes with iphone 6 and 6s tray that fits phone perfectly and gives you cool and better experience. Its design looks sleek and also takes you the amazing picture quality and resolution that you might not get in other iphone supported vr headset. So If  you are owning an iphone 6 then it could be a best choice for you.

For Sale yes
Compatible 6 6+ 6s 6s+
IPD adjustable no
Lens adjustable high quality lens
Controller yes
Cardboard v2 button no
Dimensions 22.9 x 15.2 x 12.7 cm
Case no
Price 179$ (with iPhone 6 tray)
Weight 499gm


So this is all about Carl Zeiss VR. So, Stop wondering here and there for vr headsets for iphone. This one is really best for you. Go and grab one and get fully immersed into the amazing world of virtual reality.

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