How to fix System Restore Error 0x81000203 : Easy Fix

System restore is an essential part of windows operating system that helps you to recover your system incase of system failure or system malfunctioning and recently while trying to restore my Windows 8.1 laptop to earlier date I faced a very strange error that was continuously preventing me to restore my system which was quite annoying to face.

The error says “There was an unexpected error in the properties page: System Restore encountered an error. Please try to run System Restore again. (0x81000203) Please close the property page and try again” each time while trying to configure system restore settings.

Systrem Restore encountered an error (0x81000203)

 Moreover while trying to Open the system restore the system was showing no previous restore points to restore the system to earlier date which was really shocking to see because I usually keep creating restore points often to be on the safer side but this was horrible. The more frustrating part was that there was no proper fix available over the internet in a detailed step instructions and also most of the fixes were like registry editing, removal of third party software’s like Antiviruses, Tuneup utilities etc and to be frankly speaking none of these work. After an hour of rigorous search I finally fixed the system restore error 0x81000203 and therefore here I am going to share detailed step by step instructions on how to fix system restore error 0x81000203.

How to fix System Restore Error 0x81000203 : Steps to Follow

As mentioned above you will find lots of fixes over the internet like registry editing, removal of third party software’s like Antiviruses, Tuneup utilities etc but none of these work so just avoid these fixes and follow the below given simple fix that will surely fix your issue as it did in my case.

  • Press Windows + R button to Open RUN Command box and here type services.msc as shown below and Hit Enter.

Services msc-compressed

  • Here look for VOLUME SHADOW COPY and make sure that it is ENABLED and its startup type is set to AUTOMATIC as shown below.

How to fix System Restore Error 0x81000203 - Volume Shadow Copy

Note – To Change the startup type to AUTOMATIC Right click on VOLUME SHADOW COPY and select PROPERTIES and here you can change the startup type as shown below.

How to fix System Restore Error 0x81000203 - Volume Shadow Copy 2

  • Repeat the same for MICROSOFT SOFTWARE SHADOW COPY PROVIDER where you need to and make sure that it is ENABLED and its starup type is set to AUTOMATIC
  • That’s all you need to follow and this will surely fix your error.

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  1. Thank you. Worked for my ASUS notebook with Windows 8.1 64-bit 🙂

  2. thank you, it’s work with my lap acer 5755, win 7 proffessional 32bit,

  3. thankyou mate.days of trying everything to correct my are the only one have found who knows what he is talking about,simple easy straight to the point,.2 simple changes and im back 😉 cheers mate,worked like a dream

    1. Thanks Pankaj, you are a real champion guru!

  4. Thanks very much for easy solution. Good job !

  5. Thank you,such a simple fix and so many others giving a lot of useless information,nice to know that you are a champion,many,many thanks.

  6. Thank you so much……You are a Superstar. Hope you’re reading this Microsoft because compared to this guy you don’t even register on his scale. For months I’ve been trying to sort this problem and it only began when I upgraded to Windows 10. Was it Microsoft’s fault……well unsurprisingly enough it wasn’t according to Microsoft. However I personally can’t thank you enough for a very easy fix and I’ll say thank you for all the thousands of people who will seen your solution but didn’t bother to say Thank You.

  7. You were entirely right when you said there are a lot of fixes on the internet. Yours worked. None of them mentioned the Microsoft Software ShadowCopy Provider. That was the only problem with my computer, it was disabled. I set it to automatic and started it and it worked. It was pretty simple compared to all the other suggestions that didn’t work…Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much

  9. I’ve done this, as well as verifying that Volume Shadow Copy is running and set to automatic. Additionally, I’ve done:
    sfc /scannow — no errors found
    disabled antivirus/firewall software
    chkdsk – again, no errors

    Still, I get this error message and there is no drive listed in the Protection Settings/Available Drives box.

    I’m on an HP Envy 360 laptop, upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 last year and there was a time when I was able to use system restore under both OS.

    Any other suggestions?

  10. this post from 2014 fixed my problem 😀
    thank you 😀


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