How to Fix Android Error 919 Unknown Error Code During Install

Currently there are variety of errors that surrounds Google Android OS among which most of them are related with Google Play Store service especially while downloading or updating apps on android device and therefore today here we are going to cover one another important and trending Google Play Store Error 919 which prevents users from installing the app after they are finished with downloading or updating the app from Google Play store. The actual error message shows “Unknown Error Code during Application install 919”. Therefore if you too are suffering from Android error 919 then you can refer to the below given step by step guide on How to Fix Android Error 919 during Application install.

What are the Common Causes for Facing Android Error 919 Unknown Error Code ?

  • Check if you have sufficient storage space for installation of App.
  • Poor Internet Connectivity or other Internet connectivity Issue.
  • You haven’t cleared Google Play Store Old Cache and Data Files.
  • It may happen that the file you are trying to download is corrupted.

Important : Must Read Before Try

  • First of all make sure that your device Internet connectivity is proper or you can better switch to WiFi to ensure that this is not an Internet connection issue.
    • Also Make sure that you have updated your Android OS with the latest available system for your android device and also ensure that you are running updated Google Play store services.

How to Fix Android Error 919 During Install – Unknown Error Code During Application Install

After ensuring all the above mentioned things you are still facing the same issue then you can proceed on with the below mentioned fixes.

Fix – 1 : Clearing Google Play Store Cache

This is the most common reason associated behind facing different sort of Google Play store errors especially related to downloading or updating files from Google Play Store. So by clearing Google Play store cache and data along with other Google Play services cache and data you can easily get rid of this error and to do so just follow the below mentioned step by step procedure.

  • Open your Android Device Settings -> Go to Applications -> All -> Scroll down and Select Google Play Store -> Here Click on Force Stop -> Tap on Clear Cache and then wait for few seconds. That’s it and check if you still face the same error. If you still face the same issue then proceed with the same step for Google Play Services Framework.

How to Fix Android Error 919 Unknown Error Code During Install

Note – There are very less chances that you would have to go for below given fixes because in 90 percent cases the issue is resolved just by clearing the Google Play store and Google Play Services Cache and old data files.

Fix – 2 : Try Changing Your APN Settings

  • As we can see that this issue can also occur due to your carrier internet connectivity settings therefore in such case what you can try is change your APN settings in accordance with your friend’s APN settings under the same carrier. Check below how to change your APN settings in your android device.
  • Open your Android Device Settings -> Go to Wireless and Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names -> There you can Edit your APN settings (You can also ask about your APN settings from your Network carrier)

Fix – 3 : Unlink and Relink your Google Account

If after trying all the above mentioned solutions you still face the same issue and your issue still remains concerned around the same updation or downloading issue from Google play store then you should first try to Remove your Google Account from your Android Device and link your Google Account Credentials once again. You can do it via Going to your Device Settings -> Account Section.

Fix – 4 : Factory Reset your Device (Hard Reset)

Well if nothing works out then you are left with only one option that is hard resetting your Android device to old factory settings. So you can do a hard reset if you want to give a last try to see if that resolves your issue or not and to do so just follow the below mentioned steps and that too carefully.

Note – Before going for a Factory Reset (Hard Reset) make sure that you have done a complete backup of your phone data because once you complete a Factory reset process you won’t be able to recover your old data backup easily.

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