How to Adjust Android Phone Volume Without Buttons

There’s a popular saying that nothing is permanent and that goes quite well especially with the hardware devices which starts wearing out as their life cycle progresses. There’s nothing to surprise about this because no matter how hard or how safely you try to use these hardware devices they will surely gonna fail sooner or later but they will for sure. This same fact applies for all your mobile devices as well be it your android smartphone or Apple iPhone iOS though it is a well known fact that if you spend more you will get a better quality product but as i said above nothing is permanent so there’s no guarante that your device is going to last for long. In my personal life experience I have seen lot’s of mobile devices getting failed and my recent experience was with my friends android device whose volume buttons got damaged and was having quite a frustrating time adjusting the phone volume until I provided him with one amazing solution to adjust android phone volume without buttons which I am going to share with you and I hope you found this information helpful. Just check below on how to adjust android phone volume without buttons quickly.

How to Adjust Android Phone Volume without buttons : Volume ChopCUT App

By default there’s an option to adjust phone volume via android phone settings but accessing that becomes quite a hectic especially while listening to music or watching videos on phone. Though if you are having an android smartphone running on Cynaogen mod like Micromax Yureka there’s a special volume tile section under quick settings to adjust volumes frequently at ease but there’s no such direct option for normal android users. Therefore here I am going to tell you about an amazing app that is Volume ChopCUT which provides you easy control over all your phone volume settings.

How to Adjust Android Phone Volume without buttons

  • After you will be finished with downloading and installing Volume ChopCUT app on your device it will provide you with three different volume input methods after you run the app. The three different volume input methods are – Basic Notification, Extended Notification and Floating Widget.
    • Basic Notification options puts a direct link to the phone volume control settings on your phone notification bar for quick access. You can also choose different options from the type of volume to edit on the notification like ringer, alarm, media or all.
  • Extended Notification places full volume controller on your notification bar so that you can easily increase, decrease or mute your phone volume.
  • Floating Widget places a floating bubble on your phone screen no matter whatever you are accessing providing quick access to adjust your phone volume.

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