Dragon Ball: The Breakers Full Beginner Guide

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Dragon Ball: The Breakers is the newest game developed by DIMPS and published by Namco Bandai. It is their venture in the “asymmetrical team survival” genre, akin to Dead By Daylight. It’s dramatically different from other games in the genre and is a new, fresh experience.

There’s a lot of moving parts, mechanics, and even a whole gacha system to navigate. Hopefully this guide will help you swim through helping your 7 teammates banish the villain out of existence or being the best Dragon Ball villain you can be.

Basic Mechanics – how the game works

The objectives are probably the easiest thing to get in the game first. 7 Survivors get put in a place that is an amalgamation of other Dragon Ball areas and must find 5 power keys. With these power keys, they are able to summon a Super Time Machine in which they must activate before the Raider either destroys it or kills everyone else.

If too many players die, an Escape Time Machine will drop and if you summon that and escape with it, you get some points too, but it should be a last ditch option because THERE’S HOPE! You CAN fight the Raider! This game does something different from other asymmetrical games in which you get to transform into other Dragon Ball Characters and fight the villain!

There are 3 levels and each gets stronger. The survivors and Raider even have the chance to collect all 7 Dragon Balls and get a wish! The raider can get even stronger from it or the survivor can even get an infinite time transformation and have a chance to go 1 on 1 with the Raider! But, even here it’s not so simple, here are tips and tricks on how to win as both a Survivor or a Raider.

Playing as Survivor – The Transphere System

To get a transformation (or Transphere), you MUST summon them from the Spirit Siphon station. You have many options to summon whenever the game gives you tickets, the games buyable money which are TP tokens, or even just grinding zeni by playing the game! It can be offputting that this game has a gacha system but do not worry! No matter what happens, you benefit!

Obviously getting a 5 star is what you want but even getting a 4 star or 3 stars (especially dupes) will give you Spirit Points, which you can use for many many things!

The Training Menu

The Training Menu is where you use all the stuff you got from summoning. Every character gives you skills, perks, and super moves! All these are so vastly different so picking the ones you want in your build is VERY important. Early game, you have to use the skills that are a preset of a character skin, OR the transphere you got.

With the spirit points you don’t have to worry about this! Use them to level any skills you want to level 10, making said skill available no matter if you have that character equipped or not! It’s dope!

Leveling up also makes the cool down on your skills shorter or the power of your perk higher which can really make a difference when some of the perks are literally just about your walking speed. You can also even get supers you don’t have yet, which gives you access to better supers! Which is very important! Which now brings us to the really important thing in this game.

Building your character

Having the right skills for your character is important. For a survivor it’s always important to have movement and stun skills. Hovering Device and Grappling Device are a must to get around, one giving you air options and one giving you a fast option to get away from being attacked. Personal choices that are good are Kaioken Rush, Solar Flare, Krillin Shoe, and Sexy Dance. Three of them stun the killer and can be used in a combo, while Kaioken Rush is both a fast movement tool AND it can hit the Raider and hurt them!

You can only bring 4 survival skills and 4 perks, so you MUST choose wisely and understand what goes with what. There are many ways to play this game so it’s all about switching things out and seeing which things are good! Survivors can also turn into the many characters of Dragon Ball, both heroes and villains, and with this transformation can actually fight the Raider and even defeat them! You get three transformation slots, the third one being the best.

My recommended level three would be Android 17 as he has the fastest and biggest super in the game (as of this guide) and with Shenron’s Level 4 wish, you can become the strongest player on the field, actively destroying the Raider with ease. A level 4 transformation does not mean an automatic win though as you can still lose health (time in the transformation) with the wish so obviously still make sure you get help.

Getting transformation is sadly reliant on a Gacha system, but, the game is surprisingly kind with what it gives you so I’m sure you can get all the units you need! I hope this guide helps and next one we will go through the Raiders skills and what you can do as them.

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