WiFi Not Connecting Lenovo A7000, A6000 Plus, K3 Note, A2010

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WiFi Not Connecting Lenovo A7000, A6000Plus, K3 Note, A2010: Lenovo being one of the largest manufacturers of Mobile has launched several new mid-range to low-end smartphone across all the countries including India and China. However, one problem with all of the recent launches including the Lenovo A7000, Lenovo A6000 Plus, Lenovo K3 Note and the Lenovo A2010 resides in its Wi-Fi connectivity.

WiFi Not Connecting Lenovo A7000, A6000 Plus, A2010 and K3 Note

The WiFi connectivity in smartphones is really an essential feature which none would like to have malfunctioned. However, some of the Lenovo users of the above-mentioned smartphone have reported that they have been facing Wi-Fi not connecting issue with their devices. So, in today’s post we will be talking about the available fixes to fix the WiFi Not Connecting issue in Lenovo A7000, A6000Plus, K3 Note and Lenovo A2010.

1 – Fix WiFi Not Connecting problem in Lenovo A7000

Now WiFi not connecting issue was a very common problem with Lenovo A7000 users and the fix was later made available by Lenovo. The problem was with the software update that Lenovo released, which got resolved with the latest update S144.

So if you are facing WiFi not connecting issue with your Lenovo A7000 simply, update your phone to the latest available software which preferably S144.

Alternatively, you may need to reset your Lenovo A7000 if the above solution did not work for you.

2 – Fix WiFi Not Connecting Lenovo  A6000Plus

The WiFi Not connecting issue with the Lenovo A6000 Plus can be different from other devices. The best solution for this error is that you make sure Firewall is not blocking or disabling your WiFi connection. If that is the case then you may need to enable WiFi or WLAN from the security setting of your Anti-Virus.

3 – WiFi Not Connecting Lenovo K3 Note

The Lenovo K3 Note WiFi Not connecting issue started after an update which was of 243 MB in size. Most of the Lenovo K3 Note users reported that they have been facing the same problem with their devices. Till there is no software update to resolve this error. However, you can fix it temporarily by rebooting or restarting your phone every time the WiFi not connecting issue occurs.

4 – WiFi Not Connecting Lenovo A2010

Unlike the above-mentioned smartphones of Lenovo, the Lenovo A2010 WiFi not connecting problem is not so common. Hence, there is no proper solution to this problem. What you can try to fix this issue is, perform a restart and see if the problem is resolved. Check for any available software updates and at last perform a reset of your phone.

So, this was about how to fix the WiFi not connecting issue in your Lenovo Smartphones. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Ok solution for wifi not working.
    The actual problem is antivirus is blocking the firewall. So go to antivirus search for firewall and enable wifi for every app.


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