Metal: Hellsinger Review

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On September 15, a rhythm shooter called Metal: Hellsinger was released. The developer of the game is the studio The Outsiders, which previously released Darkborn. In teasers and trailers, we were promised a shooter about a demoness, avenging the hellish creatures to the heavy metal. Move, shoot, and reload weapons to the beat of metal and new metal tracks. This project is already available on the pirates bay proxy so that all lovers of such games will be able to try it out in person. Now let’s talk about the plot.

The Plot

Like in most shooters, the plot in Metal: Hellsinger is not the most important thing. It is more of a ticking box so that the player roughly understands what the game is about. The plot starts with the preface, in which we are told that a certain demoness was banished and deprived of her voice – for this she even had a stylish scarf wrapped around her face. 


The main villain is a certain Judge, who has several incarnations-generals. Our task is to go through several circles of hell, at the end of each one fighting the boss and getting a piece of her voice as a reward. After each stage we pass, we’re told a part of the story and shown that we’re not moving forward in vain.


In general, there is nothing remarkable, you can even make a comparison with Painkiller’s story, the only difference is that now we can enjoy the quality of the game’s visuals. However, unlike Painkiller the bosses were screwed up they all are incarnations of the Judge, looking the same, but with different attacks. 


This is where it gets a lot more interesting. To dispose of various creatures we have several types of weapons with the ability to use the ult, upon reaching a certain level of rage. In addition, the hero can jump around the arena like the same Dumgai. 


Comparisons to Doom come on their own when once again stretching sideways or doing a double jump. Not forgotten are the stuns, which can also be performed on a stunned enemy. You can choose from simple guns like the shotgun and a couple of pistols, and some unique ones, like the crossbow, which shoots explosive bolts and a couple of boomerang blades. 

Metal: Hellsinger – Weapon 

Each weapon has an alternate fire mode, an ultimatum skill. When the Fury Scale is full, the Ultima can be used. Shotguns can fire a special projectile that goes through all enemies in its path and does tremendous damage. Pistols can create a phantom that fires at enemies. 

Rage is another gameplay element that is directly related to many of the game’s mechanics. For example, rage is accumulated by doing things on beat – shooting on the beat, finishing on the beat, and the like. And is lost when the player’s passive behavior.  

Add fun local runes, aka passive abilities, which allow you, for example, always have some initial fury or not to lose a series of frags when receiving damage. To get these passives, you have to take tests at the end of each level. There are seven in total and each of them can be improved up to three times. 


Metal: Hellsinger is a good rhythm shooter, which has no superfluous elements, and the whole process is tied up with demons slaying to a cheerful and exhilarating metal. The game doesn’t have an outstanding story or cool CGI clips, and the detailing of the backdrops isn’t a masterpiece. But if you love 2016’s Painkiller and Doom shooters and heavy music, this game is for you.


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