How to Change Hard disk Icons – Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

Microsoft Windows by default offers lots of Windows customizations like Changing themes,Changing folder icons and much more but there is no direct customization option for Hard drive Icons so for doing this you manually need to make changes in your Windows settings which is not that much difficult and is totally safe to apply method.Follow the below given procedure to learn How to change hard disk icons.

Requirements :

  • Collection of Beautiful Icons in .ico format which can be easily downloaded from the below given safe sites.



Note – You can find lots of Icon downloading websites on the Internet but make sure that you are downloading from safe sites such that downloaded icons doesn’t contain viruses or malware’s.

How to Change Hard disk Icons – Steps to Follow

  • Download the Icon of Your Choice in .ico format which you can download from the above mentioned sites.
  • Copy the downloaded icon in the Hard drive whose Icon you want to change.
  • Open notepad and type the following code in notepad.



How to change hard disk icons using notepad

  • Now save the notepad file with name as autorun.inf in the Same Hard drive in which you have copied the icon.
  • Restart your computer so that new effects can take place and you can see the changed hard disk icons.

Changed Hard drive Icons

  • That’s all and you are all done.

How to Get back the Original Hard disk Icons – Follow these steps

  • If you want to restore the default hard drive icons then just simply delete the two files – Icon and the notepad file that you have copied in your Hard drive.
  • After deleting the two files Right Click on the Hard drive -> Select Properties -> Customize Tab -> Restore Defaults -> Apply and OK

Restore back default Original Hard disk icons

  • That’s all restart your system and you will get back your original hard disk icons.

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