How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen – FIXED

How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen : Need For Speed is one of the Best Racing Game Series for any Platform whether it is For PC or For Sony Playstation Developed by EA Black Box Games.Here we are Discussing on NFS Mostwanted which is the Ninth Installment in the Need For Speed Series.NFS Mostwanted Gameplay is Pretty Much Similar to all its Previous Versions where You Select or Buy Your Own Racing Car,Fully Customize it Ranging From Outer Body Parts to its Engine and Race Against Your Opponents where you need to acheive One of the Top Three Positions to move Forward in Career Profile.NFS Mostwanted Story line up is Totally Unique Where you need to Beat Top 15 Blacklist Racers and in order to Challenge these Blacklist Opponents you first need to Earn Certain Amount of Bounty and Reputation to Compete with them.If You Beat these Blacklist Opponents you get a Chance to win their Cars using the Pink Slip or You can Earn Cash Points. How to Play Android Games on PC There are Three Different Gameplay Modes in NFS Mostwanted Which are Quick Race Mode,Career Mode and Challenge Series.NFS is one of the Most Popular Multiplayer LAN Game where the Whole Racing Experience Changes and that’s the main reason that it is still now has Competitions at various levels i.e National as well International Levels.If you are a College Student then you must have Participated in the LAN Game Competition where you would Definitely Find NFS Mostwanted.Here is a Full Solution on How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen.

How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen – FIXED

How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen Windows 7 : The Best Part of Playing NFS Mostwanted is that it doesn’t require a High End Configuration PC or Laptop which means you can even play it on your Low or Mid End PC But still it suffers from some drawbacks of which one of the Most Popular Drawback is the Inability to Support Wide Screen Resoultion Monitors. How to Play Subway Surfers on PC As we know that NFS Mostwanted was Released on 2005 and because of that it doesn’t Support the Wide Screen Resolution Monitors.So if you are Using a Wide Screen Monitor with 16:9 Aspect ratio then you must have faced this issue.But Now you don’t need to Face this Problem Any more.Here is a Very Simple Solution on How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen Windwos 8 Using  NFS Most-Wanted Resolution changer a Free Tool.

 NFS Mostwanted Resolution changer  – Steps to Follow

As I mention Above You can Play NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen Using a Free tool known as  NFS Most-Wanted Resolution changer.It Automatically Adjusts the Game Resolution in accordance with Your System Resolution.Just Follow the Below Steps on How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen.

  • Extract the Zipped Folder Using Winrar or Winzip.
  • Now Paste the Extracted Contents into the Installed Directory of NFS Mostwanted where NFS Mostwanted exe File is Present.
  • Now Run the nfsmwres.exe File that you have Extracted in the NFS Mostwanted Directory.
  • Next Just Fill Your Monitor Screen Resolution in My case it is 1600 x 900 as Shown below in the Image.

How to Run NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen


  • How to Find Your Screen Resolution : Right Click on Your Desktop Anywhere and Select Screen Resolution Option there you will find your Current Screen Resolution as shown below in the Image.

How to Play NFS Mostwanted in Full Screen

  • Make Sure to Select v1.3 and then Just Click on Launch Button.
  • That’s all and You are all Done.

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  1. Good one. Will try… Can you tell me downloadable content size?

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  5. kostasgrekos says:

    thanks man, finally i make it to have a full screen 🙂

  6. Thanks bro.. It really worked for me too 🙂

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  10. Hey, would this work with other games (such as age of mythology)?
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    Thanku so match it’s 100% Working 🙂

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    Its realy working And now I want to say you Thanks that is from my heart ..bcz of you I can play NFS in realy full screen,before this I was realy disoppionted from that game ..Hahahaha And I was confused ..And now I’m Realy Realy very Happy …! You are such a real software engineer I appreciate you and salute you ..Because I fully tried to run it in full screen but all in vain ..So thank you very very very much dear …!

  16. NFS MW WIN 10 – Working THANX

  17. Works like charm!!!!
    Thanks man.

  18. when i click on download link to download the tool it download as a rar type….what should i do??

  19. Thanks buddy !:) Worked in Windows 10

  20. what kind of programming was done with NFSMW??? But thanks to this it works on Ubuntu 14.04!

  21. Thnx so much guys, it worked

  22. My screen flashes from and to black & white. and stops working. My gpu is AMD R9-270x. screen res, 1366*768

  23. Thnx so much guys, it worked

  24. thank you so much guys it works

  25. Mads Voldum says:

    does not work! when i set it to 1920×1080 it just goes back to 1366×768.. what am i doing wrong 🙁

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