Top Reasons How Your Business Can Benefit From An Answering service

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The way we work has certainly changed in recent years. Thanks to advances in technology, we are no longer tied to a 9-to-5 work day, or even to one geographical location.  Many companies have employees who work offsite, around the world.  Because of the changing nature of business, customers demand more from the companies with whom they do business.  They expect 24-hour attention and the ability to business whenever it suits their needs.  That’s where a 24-hour answering service can help. An outsourced call center answering service can benefit your business in several ways.  Here is a discussion of some of them.  A dedicated answering service:

Call Center

1 – Is a money saver :

When you employ call agents yourself, you are responsible for the cost of recruiting and hiring them, advertising for the position, wages, bonuses, benefits, etc.  When you hire an answering service such as Image-24, you pay only the call center service a set rate; they recruit, hire and pay the call agents

2 – Fills the customer service gap :

You may not have the necessary customer service experience or manpower to keep up with your burgeoning business, or the time to work int.  By outsourcing your call center customer service needs, you can outsource your call volume issues, leaving the problems to the experts.

3 – Meets the needs of a varying call volume :

Most every business experiences ebbs and flows in its call volume from time to time.  For example, if you are running a promotion or sale, you can (hopefully!) expect to experience a jump in sales calls.  At times, it may become too much for your company to handle on its own.  By outsource your incoming calls, you can be assured that you’ll never miss a potential sale due to a busy line or unavailable attendants.  When call volume is slow, you can save money by not paying an employee to sit around while the phones are idle.  In these situations, most call centers will allow you to pay for only the specific number of calls answered in down times.

4 – Can act as a trial run :

Let’s say you are contemplating buying software for your business that would make your phone systems more efficient.  Before you pay the sometimes-hefty price tag for this type of software for your business, you can give it a test run by testing it with an outsourced call center before you buy.

5 – Can be a boon to the self employed :

If you are self-employed, you probably answer most (if not all) of your business calls personally.  But what happens when you aren’t available to answer the call?  What if you are in a meeting, or even on another call?  You could lose business if you don’t answer the call.  That’s where an answering service can come in handy.  They can take your overflow calls so that you never lose a potential sale.

Don’t let your business suffer because you can’t keep up with call volume.  Having lots of calls is a great thing, but only if you can handle them.  An answering service can help.

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