Biometric authentication:  A New Wave Of Security

Biometric authentication isn’t just the stuff of spy movies anymore.  What is it?  Basically, the science of biometrics uses a person’s behavioural traits and physical characteristics as a method to confirm their identity to grant access to somewhere or something.  It is like a one-of-a-kind password based on your body’s physiology.  Today, biometrics are widely used in many different organizations as a measure of high-level security.  Experts project that biometric authentication will replace other measures of identity tracking and access granting.  There are many reason biometrics is a great option for business, including:

Because biometrics is based on physical attributes of a certain person, it is almost impossible to “fool” the system.  For example, some biometric systems use a person’s fingerprint to verify identity.  Because everyone’s fingerprints are unique, this is a very secure system.

There is no password to memorize.  This has several benefits.  First, you can’t forget your password because you don’t have one; your physiology is your password.  Secondly, the system cannot be hacked because there is no information to hack!

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication is also hassle free, because the all information is stored with the person’s respective biometrics, which allows for efficient and easy tracking and monitoring.

Biometric authentication has many uses.  It can be used to track employee movements and attendance, can restrict access to highly sensitive areas or to allow only authorized employees access to certain computers and other machines, for example.

There are several different types of biometric authentication:

Eye scanners, in which the person’s eye is scanned and its particular physiology is used as a security measure.

Fingerprint or handprint recognition, which are by far the most commonly used types of biometric authentication used today.  Based on the idea that everyone’s fingerprints are unique, this type of authentication is very reliable and virtually impossible to replicate.  The system contains a digital “copy” of the person’s fingerprint, and can only verify the person’s identity if the fingerprint (or handprint) matches exactly.

Facial recognition scans the person’s face and takes detailed measurements of things like the distance between the eyes, the length of the nose, the rise of the cheekbones, etc. to determine the identity of the person.

Palm geometry works in much the same way as facial recognition measuring the geometry of the palm of the hand to form a type of biometric password.  However, this is one of the lesser-reliable forms of authentication.

Voice recognition technology, which verifies the person’s voice pattern.  It is not necessary for the person to say any particular statement, as it is the way he speaks, not a particular statement, that the technology is programmed to recognize.

Although it is highly advanced, biometric authentication is not without its flaws.  However, the technology continues to be improved and it is expected to replace all other forms of security access verification in the future.

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