How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10 Easily

Just few days more and Windows 10 would be officially available for Installation or Up-gradation from 29th July onwards. Microsoft has made few major changes to their upcoming Windows 10 and it would be really interesting to try them out one by one. Moreover Microsoft has announced free up-gradation to Windows 10 for all its existing Windows 8 or Windows 7 users for the first year and therefore there are very likely chances that most of the users would try to upgrade their Windows to Windows 10. Therefore considering this here I am going to share how to boot in safe mode in Windows 10. You might have noticed that the old ways of booting in safe mode via pressing F8 or Shift + F8 Keys no longer works in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as the total procedure for booting has been revolutionized in these windows versions making them capable of booting much faster as compared to previous windows versions. The same applies for Microsoft Windows 10 and therefore in order to boot in safe mode in Windows 10 you need to go through a series of steps which I have mentioned below.

How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10 : Steps to Follow

There are lots of ways of booting into safe mode in Windows 10 but here I am going to cover only the best and easiest possible way of booting in safe mode in Windows 10. So just follow the below given instructions on how to boot in safe mode in Windows 10.

  • Open RUN Command box by pressing Windows + R and there type msconfig.exe and Hit Enter.
  • This will open the System Configuration Tool and there just navigate to the Boot section and there just check mark the Safe boot option as shown below in the screen shot.

How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10 - 1

  • That’s it click on OK and Windows 10 will give you a message that you need to restart your device in order for the new setting to take effect and after restarting your Windows 10 will automatically boot into safe mode. If you have some work to do then you can do it and select the Exit without restart which will also restart your Windows in safe mode.

Alternative Method :

  • Go to Update & Security -> Recovery from your Windows settings menu and there under Advanced startup just click on Restart now button which will redirect you to recovery section.
  • Here in Recovery boot mode you will find three options which are Continue, Troubleshoot and Turn off your PC.
  • Just select Troubleshoot -> Select Advanced Options -> Click on Startup Settings -> There click on restart.
  • That’s it you will now see a list of options after you restart your system where you would find different booting options as shown below in the screen shot.How to Boot in Safe Mode in Windows 10 - 2
  • Just press F1-F9 keys for selecting your booting mode which will then boot your Windows in respective mode.

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