uTorrent Tips and Tricks 2014 Latest Updated : Best and Top

Most of the Techgeeks or newbies also are always keen to know latest tips and tricks about various software applications so that they can take better control over the applications as well as optimizing it for the best performance and also take the most out of the application. Therefore here I am going to share basic as well as advanced utorrent tips and tricks for both techfreaks as well as for beginners. Though I am not the first one to publish an article on utorrent tips and tricks as you can easily search such information on various tech blogs listed online but truly speaking most of them are providing either some of the basic uTorrent tips and tricks or their tricks doesn’t work anymore but here we are going to provide you with accurate basic as well as advanced uTorrent tips and tricks that you can learn to enhance your uTorrent experience.

uTorrent Tips and Tricks 2014 Latest Updated : Best and Top

How to Increase uTorrent Downloading Speed :

This is one of the most interesting and highly asked topic where users are always looking for a way to speed up their downloading process and I have already discussed about this How to increase your uTorrent download speed that you can go through by following the below given reference link.

How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM / Download manager :

Though by now most of the users are already aware of the fact about downloading torrent files via Internet download manager or any other regular download manager installed on your system instead of using torrent client and the reasons are quite obvious i.e. enhanced downloading speed but still there are millions of users who are are not aware about this awesome trick therefore it is better mentioning here. You can get complete step by step tutorial guide on How to download torrent files using internet download manager.

How to Schedule Autoshutdown after complete downloading :

Heavy downloaders like me always prefer to download large files at nights and there are chances that sometimes files get downloaded much before as compared of what you were expecting and during such cases the system runs unnecessarily in idle state consuming extra power and increasing your electricity bill therefore to avoid such situations it is always good to keep an autoshutdown scheduler that will automatically shutdown your system after 100% downloading.

Steps to Follow :

  • Open your uTorrent and Go to Options -> Auto Shutdown -> Shutdown when downloads complete.

Best uTorrent Tips and Tricks : Shutdown when downloads completes

  • That’s it and you are done.

How to avoid Out of Space or Low on Space Situation :

There may be chances when you are downloading large files say of 20 GB and after downloading almost 80% you realized that the location where you are downloading the files doesn’t have sufficient space to store the downloading content and unfortunately if you try to move the downloaded content to new location and try to resume your downloading then you will get an error therefore in such situations just follow the below given steps.

  • First of all stop the downloading process and now move the downloaded file into a new location.
  • Open your uTorrent and Right Click on the torrent you are downloading -> Select Advanced -> Select Download location as shown below.

Best uTorrent Tips and Tricks : Move Files to another location

  • That’s it and you are done.

How to Schedule your torrents to begin automatic downloading :

For users who are quite busy in other works or are out of home uTorrent provides a feature to schedule the process of downloading torrent files automatically as per your day and time choice and to do so just follow the below simple step.

  • Run your uTorrent -> Go to Options -> Preferences -> Scheduler -> Click on Enable Scheduler and here you can schedule the day and time at which you want to start your downloading as shown below.

Best uTorrent Tips and Tricks : Schedule Torrent Downloading

How to limit the downloading speed and uploading speed :

It is obvious that you can’t turn on the downloading 24/7 because there are situations when you need to browse or search something over internet at that time instead of turning off your torrent downloading completely you can adopt an alternative that is to limit your torrent downloading speed and uploading speed such that you don’t have to compromise with your browsing speed. Normal browsing or search queries can be easily done on a slow speed also that’s why it is better to limit your utorrent speed to some extent so that about 20-30kbps is left for browsing purpose.

  • Open your uTorrent -> Right Click on the torrent you are downloading -> Select Bandwidth allocation -> Set download limit / Set upload limit.

Best uTorrent Tips and Tricks : Limit Download Speed

How to Encrypt your Torrent downloading Files :

If you want to make sure that no one on the network sees what you are downloading then it is best to encrypt your torrent downloading and to enable the encrypt just follow the below simple step.

  • Run your Utorrent -> Go to Options -> Preferences -> Select BitTorrent -> Under Protocol Encryption -> Select Enabled as shown below.

Best uTorrent Tips and Tricks : Encrypt Torrent Files

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