IRCTC Tatkal Tricks 2016 | Tricks to Book Confirmed Ticket

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IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks 2016 – IRCTC operates all kinds of online ticket bookings for trains and flights and also for Tourism services. A completely new revolution has been brought in Indian railways as online booking can be done quickly and comfortably. There is no need of waiting in a queue at railway stations for buying a ticket. In this article, the best IRCTC Tatkal Tricks 2016 are mentioned for quickly booking the tickets online. Now quickly book confirmed Tatkal tickets online by using the IRCTC Tatkal Tricks 2016.

IRCTC Taktal Tricks 2016 Online : Book Confirmed Tatkal Tickets Online

Get IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking Tricks Latest : Tatkal scheme was launched by IRCTC for people who are planning journeys at end moment. With this scheme, booking of tickets can be done even if it cannot be purchased through regular procedure, owing to non-availability. With IRCTC Tatkal scheme, the train tickets can be booked very easily even a day prior to journey. Also don’t get trapped in IRCTC tatkal ticket booking software’s or IRCTC tatkal ticket hacks or scripts because they are not safe so it is better to proceed on with safe and legitimate things. Learn IRCTC Tatkal Tricks 2016 with this article below. Check below IRCTC Tatkal tricks to book confirmed ticket online.

Terms to buy tickets under Tatkal Scheme:

  • You can book these tickets only a day prior to the journey. For instance if the journey is being planned on the January 2nd, booking can be done only on 1st of Jan. Booking can be done between 10.00am to 11.00am.
  • There wouldn’t be any refund for confirmed Tatkal Ticket. Money is refunded only if tickets are in waiting list. 

Trick 1 – Fix the IRCTC Session Timeout Error : IRCTC Login Tatkal Tricks

When one tries booking Tatkal tickets online, Session expire is a common error that many people face.  A proper fix to this error has been listed below:

IRCTC Tatkal Tricks 2016 Session Expired

  • With The Session Timeout Error, the entire process of booking can be ruined. Most of the time,these errors are obtained during Payment Gateway when the Payment option is selected for making the booking. Given below are solutions to fix this problem:

The only way of fixing the ‘Session Timed out’ or ‘Session Expired’ problem is keeping the session active until the booking of the ticket is completing. Some activity must be done every 3 minutes so that the session is kept active. Follow the below mentioned guideline.

  • Logon to IRCTC and login to the account every 10 minutes before 10.00 am. The website should be refreshed every 3 minutes. The website should be pinged every 3 minutes so that the session doesn’t expire

Trick 2 – Find  Some Live Delhi Based Proxies

If the site is accessed from Delhi based Servers, it is definitely a great option as IRCTC servers mainly depend on Delhi Region. A quicker access would be offered. However, if you aren’t in Delhi, use a Delhi based proxy for quicker and faster access.  Steps include:

  • Find some best Delhi based proxies and Open the Firefox Browser. Then go to Options  > Advanced > Network > Settings. After the settings option is selected, the manual proxy configuration must be check market and the proxy should be put here. Use this Proxy server box must be check marked

Trick 3- Autofill Option should be used for Saving time

Autofill option should be used for saving time while filling in the form. Tatkal tickets cannot be booked quickly if the speed of typing isn’t good. Therefore, Autofill Form must be used for completing it.

  • Go to this Magic Autofill Online Page and Fill in all the details as seen in the image. Then Click on the button ‘ I am feeling lucky’. A Magic autofill button would be generated. Now, drag this button to the Browser toolbar. Click on Magic autofill button after coming to the page of IRCTC Tatkal Filling in details. That’s it you are all done.

Latest IRCTC Tatkal Tricks 2016



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