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SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization which basically determines the Visibility or Ranking of your Website or Pages in Search Engine Results.SEO Includes almost every kinds of search results i.e Videos,Local Searches,Images,News etc and Much more.SEO is the Main factor responsible for the Ranking of Website or Webpages in the Search results.There is big science behind the Search Engine Optimization which totally appears to be like an alchemy to the uninitiated.Writing Good and Unique Contents for your website are useless until You Optimize Your Content according to the SEO. Optimizing Your Content for SEO is a must for every blogger to drive a good amount of traffic to your website by getting listed higher in Search Engine results which is only Possible if you have a Powerful Optimized SEO.Search Engine Optimization Includes Defining a Specific keyword for your Article,SEO Title means How should the article appears in Search Results,Providing a Meta Description for your Content.The better you define these things in SEO better will be your Website ranking in Search Engine Results.It seems like a Race in Search results to getting listed higher in the Search results and the one with a Highly Optimized SEO wins the race.So Here is a Full Information on How to Use SEO Chart for Perfect Search Engine Optimization to get listed your Website or Webpages higher in Search Engine Rankings.

Classification of SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques are broadly divided into two following categories which defines the Web Search Engine results for Websites or web pages.

1 – White Hat

White Hat SEO technique conforms to the Standards of Search Engine Guidelines without involving any deception that is fully Legal.White Hat SEO technique includes Building traffic for your Website Naturally without any wrong means that are fully listed within Google Webmaster Guidelines.It is always recommended to Use White Hat SEO Techniques to Optimize the User’s Experience.Here below are some methods that you can follow as a White Hat SEO Techniques to Increase Search Engine Rankings.

  • Try to Build as much as Internal linking.
  • Write Unique and High Quality Content Only.

2 – Black Hat

Black Hat SEO Techniques uses Illegal ways to increase Search Engine rankings that are fully disapproved by the Search Engine guidelines involving deception.Sites Using Black Hat techniques are more Prone to be getting Banned temporarily or Permanently forever from the Search Engine results.Black Hat SEO Techniques includes Driving the wrong traffic i.e Giving a Different Search Result from the user requested search query,Using Hidden text etc.How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM : Faster and High Speed never try Black Hat SEO Techniques to Increase Your Search Engine rankings otherwise you will be ended with getting your Website Permanently banned from the Search Engine Results.

SEO Chart – Factors Responsible For Search Engine Results

Here below is a Full SEO Chart that Includes all the Major Factors responsible for Search Engine Rankings listing from the Weakest to the Highest Determining Factors that you should follow to get your website listed higher in Search Engine Rankings.

SEO Chart – SEO Periodic TableSEO Chart

How to Use SEO Chart for Better Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Offers Good results to the Websites or Pages having the Right Combination of the Ranking Factors.As You can See in the Above SEO Chart that the Factors are Weighted from Value 1 i.e Weakest to Value 3 i.e Strongest.These Values doesn’t mean that you should use only Strongest Factors for Optimizing the SEO therefore it is necessary to use the Perfect Combination of these all the factors to increase your Search Engine Rankings.You will also See Violations and Blocking factors that you should never try to Use on your Website else you can either lose all your Search Engine Rankings or Worse you will be Banned from the Search Engine Results.

There are Some other factors also responsible for the Search Engine rankings which are not listed in the SEO Chart which I have listed below.

  • Make Your Website Free i.e Check for the 404 Errors and if there are any try to fix these errors by Redirecting them or Removing them completely from the Search Engine Results else it will affect your overall Website Ranking also.
  • Try to Make Sure that Your Website or Webpages loads Quickly and hence don’t upload images having large size i.e Keep below 100kb.
  • Don’t Include too Much of Outbound Links to Optimize the SEO as it can have a negative impact on your Website rankings since these outbound links will be marked as spam by most of the Search Engines.

Learn How to Optimize SEO

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