Nvidia TegraZone App now Available for Non-tegra devices : Get the Best Android Games

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On Tuesday 28th January 2014 Nvidia, Leading Graphics processing unit manufacturing firm officially announced the availability of its TegraZone App for all the Android Devices which clearly states that you no more need to own a Nvidia Tegra based device to get access to TegraZone App.

TegraZone App is indeed a very useful app especially if you are an enthusiastic gamer which lets you find the best android game available on the playstore optimized to exploit the full potential of your device Tegra Mobile processor.TegraZone App enables Tegra-based customers to search Tegra-enhanced games on Google Play quickly and easily like Dead Trigger, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and much more.

nVidia TegraZone App available for non-tegra devices

The updated Version 2.9 comes with a full support for non-Tegra devices so that those users can explore and discover games or apps that Nvidia and their partners think are best enjoyed when played on Tegra Devices which is quite interesting as this will be definitely provide a gateway to reach more and more customers.

“The TegraZone app is a curated, editorial-driven merchandising front-end designed to enhance the shopping and discovery experience of differentiated games sold in Android Market. When a user decides on a game to purchase within the app, he/she clicks “Get It Now.” This action links the user to the Android product page for that game where he/she finalizes the purchase and downloads the game. The complete sales transaction, game download, and game support happen within the Android Market through Google and the game developer.”

  • Get Official NVIDIA TegraZone App for your Android Device

TegraZone App provides seamless connectivity with Nvidia Shield and Mad Catz MOJO allowing controller navigation on these devices.

TegraZone App release notes “Enabled for users of non-Tegra devices so they can learn about Tegra and great Android games.”

TegraZone App is must have app especially when you own a Tegra-powered android device to get the best games for your device.

Note – It has been clearly mentioned that out of all the games featured on TegraZone App there are some games which run exclusively only on devices with an Nvidia Tegra Processor and if there will be any compatibility issue Goole Play will immediately notify you about the same.

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